Review: Grammarly

Please note, I am an affiliate for Grammarly via ShareASale, I may get a small commission for sign ups/purchases from this post. I also received one month of premium Grammarly in order to review it. This does not influence my honest opinion  of the app/site

I recently learned about a site called “Share a Sale”, a place that connects bloggers, like me, with merchants looking to advertise. Bloggers make a small commission based on sales (and sometimes sign ups or clicks) and merchants get their name out there. Win/Win, right?

As I was scrolling through the merchants I saw that one of my favourite chrome add-ons, Grammarly, was looking for bloggers so I jumped at the chance to apply. Imagine how happy I was when I got the ‘accepted’ email! I’ve been using Grammarly for a while so I knew what they had to offer people and could get behind their services.

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Review: Kidloland

I received a subscription to the Kidloland app to review with Little Miss (age 2.5) on IOS (we’re using the Ipad Mini 4 for this review)  I have been reviewing this product for about two weeks at the time of this review.  

What Is Kidloland?


Kidloland is an award winning app that includes 1000+ nursery rhymes, songs, stories, activities, and games aimed at kids aged 0-5 years old. The app offers a wide variety of learning activities like numbers, letters, matching, colours, music, shapes, puzzles, and so much more to help you make learning fun for your little one. 

Review:  Little Miss & I really enjoyed playing with the Kidloland app. The colours and animations are really vivid, which I really like.  I also like that the settings are not easy to access for little hands (you have to solve a math problem to open them)  so that little ones can’t go in and change the settings on you.The layout of the app is very easy to navigate for both me and my toddler. Once I got it all set up I gave it to my toddler to investigate, she quickly found the nursery rhymes and started to interact with them, squealing happily at each new discovery. I think that the easy to use layout helps foster a sense of independence that children in this age group are craving.The next thing we discovered was the games, Music Balloons was an immediate hit. From there she discovered Letter Tracing – which I really liked! As she traced the letter she’d repeat the letter (with both our and the app’s encouragement) & the shape tracing game. She enjoyed some of the other games as well, like Teeth Brushing, Surprise and the Fruit Puzzles.   


I would definitely recommend Kidloland for children her age (and probably higher, tbh my other kids have enjoyed playing with their sister) 

You can get Kidloland on the following: 

IOS (KidloLand)Google Play Store (Nursery Rhymes For KidsAmazon Appstore (KidloLand)

You can download the app free and get a select few games in each section to play, but to reach the full potential you require a subscription. There are three superscription choices
– CAD 6.99 for 1 month
– CAD 34.99 for 6 months
– CAD 54.99 for 1 year (The best value option)

You can start with a free trial for 7 days and make a choice from there

Please note, I received a 1 year subscription to the Kidloland app for free in exchange for an honest review of the app. All opinions are my own. You can see other parent bloggers review of Kidloland here.

Review: The Choices We Make

The Choices We MakeThe Choices We Make by Karma Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kate and Hannah have been best friends since the moment they met and Hannah defended Kate’s honour. Naturally as they became adults their friendship stayed intact. They expected to enter motherhood and wife-life together but fate had a different plan. Kate had two beautiful little girls while Hannah was left battling infertility. Her only option is a surrogate and Kate jumps at the chance to help, but at what cost?

The Choices We Make is a beautiful story of friendship, love and going the distance.
I really enjoyed the dynamics of the girls friendship as well as their relationships. The book is told from both Hannah and Kate’s view and reads in very different tones for each person.
I’ve never dealt with infertility but the story made me feel close to Hannah’s struggles.
I found myself glued to the story, craving more, holding my breath and even crying for real.

This story will get into your feels. You’ve been warned.
Read it anyways, you won’t regret it.

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Have mercy, Uncle Jesse’s still got it.

If you have been following me on twitter, or facebook, it’s no secret that I’ve been binge watching Fuller house since it aired (yesterday, I know, don’t judge me)  now that I’m done and hoping for season 2 (which netflix needs to get on like yesterday) I’m watching the original series from the start (hello childhood!)

Fuller house was everything! It had the right amount of nostalgic moments to bring in the older fans, with just enough new generation to pull in the new fans.  The first episode was heavy with a reunion of all the old cast, but opened up the door to a whole new series.
They did have some parallels to the old show (the plot is pretty much the same, but in reverse) but the stories have a fresher feel to them that appeal to both those of us who have grown up with the Tanners and to the new generation who will (hopefully!) grow up with the Fullers.

Let’s talk about the opening credits. The bridge, the house, the song. It’s all there, but again – with a fresher feel.

Out with the old…

Aside from DJ, Stef & Kimmy the rest of the old cast aren’t on scene often except for the first episode. They’ve gone off to continue on their lives now that the girls have grown up. But don’t worry, they’re still close enough that they can pop in for visits or to babysit. I loved that the story focused on the girls and the Fuller kids with an occasional pop in from the old cast rather than being focused on the older cast.

Catch up with the original Full House!  
Get the complete series on /
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…In with the new

My kids loved watching the series with me, and even have asked if we could watch the original series (which Netflix also has on, so of course that’s what we’re doing)  Fuller house is a show that will win the hearts of those of us who grew up with it but has enough fresh newness that our kids will love it too.

Bottom line, if you grew up loving Full House, and you haven’t watched Fuller House yet, you’re seriously missing out. Grab some popcorn for you & your kids, sit down and relive your childhood on Netflix!




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