Halloween 2016


Halloween was fun. The weather stayed gorgeous so we didn’t have to trick or treat in the snow (seriously, we’ve done it some years) This year C went with a friend – yes my 15 year old still trick or treats, no I don’t even care if you think that’s ‘okay’ or not. He enjoys it and his happiness means more to me than some random online people. C dressed up as Gingy (the gingerbread man from Shrek) and had a blast. Mister was The Grim Reaper, Blue was a demon, Lady Girl was a witch and Little Miss was a ghost. We lucked out and found the boys’ costumes at goodwill (in mint condition) and the girls re-used old handmade costumes that we added new colours and accessories to.  They were super cute. This year Little Miss was just over 2, so it was her first year out of the stroller, walking up to houses. She made it over half way before needing to be put in the stroller.  She was absolutely adorable with her little “trick or treeaat” and “thank goo” <3

How was your Halloween?


Day 19

I have a son who has ADHD, some times he gets very overwhelmed with his emotions and acts less than desirable, especially when things aren’t working right and he’s getting frustrating. More so when his pill wears down in the early evening. My kids play with a pair of sisters down the street, one is on the Austim spectrum (the older sister) … last week the younger of the two was throwing leaves at my son, he was getting frustrated because he had asked her to stop because he was trying to concentrate on making a pile. She didnt. He got increasingly upset and threw out the F word. The little girl got upset because she doesn’t like yelling or swearing. He did say sorry, quite a few times, and the sister was ok, but the older one was so mad that when she saw him she’d walk away. Today she was playing with one of my other kids, so I went out there and had a little talk with all of them. Now they’re talking, working things out and playing.
I’m actually really proud of the two of them. I know it’s not easy to be friends with a kid with ADHD who is prone to impulsive issues, and I can only imagine it’s hard to understand that being on the spectrum, but these two some how worked through their problems and their differences.

It kind of hit me in the gut. If these kids with their own issues can work out their situations why can’t adults?

I’m thankful to have witnessed this moment. Not because I think I’ve done some awesome job at parenting – because really, I am not perfect. I fail. A lot. – but because this is a really, really big deal for these two and it was just amazing to see.

[Bloggy prompt] I had the strangest dream…

I’ve decided to occasionally do a writing prompt from “the Blog dare”
These won’t be daily for me, but will be as the mood strikes. Sometimes I get in a writing slump, and these are nice prompts. 
he strangest dream I ever had was when I was pregnant with Mister. I had a dream that I was in labour, which wouldn’t be strange itself, but when the delivery finally happened my baby turned out to be a balloon, and it popped. I cried while the nurses laughed. It was by far the strangest dream ever.
To this day, almost 9 years later, I can’t think of any dream that was even close to that strange. Pregnancy dreams are weird.
I often wonder if I had that dream because we didn’t know whether he was a girl or a boy at the time. The unknown and all that, or if I was nervous something would happen (which, looking back, it very nearly did. He was born with his cord around his neck, in an unplanned homebirth.)
The other weird dream I had when I was pregnant with him was a glimpse into a future. I was at a train station, saying goodbye to a boy (young adult) in an army-type uniform. I saw him from the back after he hugged me and said goodbye. He had lightish brown (almost dirty blonde) hair, and I called out to him by the name we had chosen for our baby should it have been a boy (which he turned out to be), the boy turned around and stared at me with blue-green eyes.
At the time we had one son, who was dark haired/brown eyed. Hubby & I both have dark hair/hazel green eyes, so us having a light haired/blue-green eyed child was an odd thought.
…. Mister is fair. He has light brown hair and blue-green eyes….  and (of course) was born a boy…
Thinking back to that dream often sends chills down me because of how much the boy-man in my dream favours Mister now.

Like I said, dreams are odd.

Day 25 – A first, in great detail

Day 25 – A first, in great detail

Yesterday we went to watch Mister swim with his school. They are doing the ‘swim to survive’ course offered here in grade three.
We’ve been swimming but the kids have never really wanted actual lessons, so we never pushed it figuring when they wanted it we would put them in.
Mister asked us to come watch as it was his last day, and of course we said yes. He was in a life jacket for the most part, but at the end of the class he was able to jump off the board, which he did last week, only this time without his lifejacket. He was nervous, you could tell, and he almost jumped on his instructor, but he did it without hesitation!!!
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