My Favourite Love Story

I’m skipping my pinterest roundup today to get a bit personal because today marks a very important day in my life. Sixteen years ago in March sometime I met this crazy guy. He asked me to dinner, and I said yes (because who doesn’t like dinner?)  I wasn’t looking for a relationship (in fact I had just recently gotten out of a pretty brutal one) but dinner didn’t seem harmful. Little did I know that going to dinner with him would lead me to my own love story. That dinner came with 16 years of amazing memories, five beautiful kids and a lifetime of love.  Sixteen years ago, on April 2nd, as I said yes to officially dating I didn’t know I was saying yes to my future. That I was saying yes to the person I would grow old with.


TBT & Coffee

I woke him up in the wee hours of the morning. My contractions had hit hard and fast. He jumped out of bed and called our midwife. She’d be here in 20 mins.
I knew that just wasn’t going to be enough time. Don’t ask me how I knew, it was one of those instincts moms get in labour. It was my 5th time, after all, I knew my body. I just knew our baby wasn’t going to wait. Hubby was going to deliver this baby. It was inevitable. And he did, right there, in the wee hours of the morning, moments before our midwife could get here.  All before he could even have a coffee. Oh you don’t know? My hubby lives on coffee. Coffee courses through his veins. Heck, I can’t even function or think at all without that first dose of caffeine in the morning. That he was able to focus and help me deliver our daughter without it was amazing. It still amazes me to think about it 19 months later.


[Today’s blog entry stemmed from a prompt from the awesome Mama Kat, check her out!]

Thankful Day 13

Having bipolar makes for some not very great days. On top of being depressed I also have these moments of needing to do impossible things for no actual reason. Yay for manics! For me it’s nothing scary, it’s usually things like rearrange a whole room and deep clean it for no reason,and I get super focused on it to the point if it doesn’t get done I can’t stop thinking about it until it is.

Take my living room, for instance. Even though we aren’t putting up the tree or decorations until closer to December, I decided today I needed to have the playpen down and rearrange things to make room for the tree (the one that isn’t going up for about 2-3 weeks) Thankfully I have an amazing husband who usually helps me with these irrational, illogical ideas. Today he switched around the living room for me since Little Miss was having nothing to do with being put down, at all.

Today, I’m thankful for a partner who helps me with my crazy ideas, even when he sees no logical reason for them. Sure, he mutters under his breath about them, but he still gets them done (even if it mean moving the baby’s toybox three different times until it’s just right)