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I don’t know if any of you watch The Vampire Diaries, but I’ve been a die hard fan from the start, and last night marked the series finale. True to the way TVD always has been the episode sent us on a whirlwind of emotions right up until the end. I cried, I smiled, I cried more.

Cut for spoilers. If you haven’t seen the finale and don’t want spoilers don’t read more.

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Friday Faves


It’s FRIDAY!  That means it’s time to round up some of my favourite things this week! 

October 15th was Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness day. I posted about the time I was almost a statistic, but I wanted to also share this article about what it’s like to have a miscarriage in the age of social media. (Read it, it’s worth the read) 

Since most of us parents loathe spending a ton of money on a low quality costume that the kids are only going to wear one night we’re all looking for easy/in expensive DIY costumes for our kids for Halloween, right? Don’t worry this dad has some hilarious ideas.

Retail therapy! The other day hubby decided it was time to get me out of the house, and he spoiled me with some good old fashioned retail therapy. We picked a good day because there were many sales at my favourite stores! I picked up an adorable satchel bag & a clutch from Torrid and some yummy smelling fragrances from Bath & Body Works.


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This Mama Rap 
I know it’s not from this week, but this came across my newsfeed on fb this week and I knew I had to share it! 

The Vampire Diaries is back! 

I’m sad that it’s the last season, but so glad to see the mystic crew back on my screen. This season is already gearing up to me an amazing emotional rollercoaster. Thankfully I have a costco membership so I’m well stocked in tissues. I’m going to need them all. 


                    What are some things you’re loving this week?

Vampires, day 8, the last day.

I was stuck on how to finish up my vampire list. There seems to be so many more worth mentioning, and so little time.

I figure I’ll take today to showcase some of my faves without getting into too much detail

The Lost Boys

“Teenage brothers Michael (Jason Patric) and Sam (Corey Haim) move with their mother (Dianne Wiest) to a small town in northern California. While the younger Sam meets a pair of kindred spirits in geeky comic-book nerds Edward (Corey Feldman) and Alan (Jamison Newlander), the angst-ridden Michael soon falls for Star (Jami Gertz) — who turns out to be in thrall to David (Kiefer Sutherland), leader of a local gang of vampires. Sam and his new friends must save Michael and Star from the undead.” (Via Google)

From Dusk To Dawn

Two criminals and their hostages unknowingly seek temporary refuge in an establishment populated by vampires, with chaotic results. –

John Carpenter’s Vampires

Ever since his parents were murdered by vampires, Jack Crow (James Woods) has had one purpose in life: putting stakes through bloodsuckers’ hearts. With his battle-hardened crew of vampire killers and the assistance of the Catholic Church, Crow roams the New Mexico desert looking for undead lairs to annihilate. But he meets his match when, at a roadside motel, he comes face to face with Jan Valek (Thomas Ian Griffith), a vampire kingpin possessed of incredible powers. –

Dracula 2000

Long ago, Abraham Van Helsing (Christopher Plummer) imprisoned the infamous Count Dracula (Gerard Butler) within a vault inside Carfax Abbey. In the present day, Van Helsing relies on Dracula’s immortal blood to remain alive. But then thieves breaks into the vault and steal the vampire’s coffin, thinking it contains something valuable. Liberated from his prison, Dracula seizes the opportunity to escape, but Van Helsing sets out to banish him to the crypt once again. (via Google) –
Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, the head of the CDC’s New York-based Canary Project, is called upon to investigate when an airplane lands with everybody on board dead. What his team discovers is a viral outbreak that has similarities to an ancient strain of vampirism. As the virus begins to spread, Goodweather works with his team and a group of the city’s residents to wage a war that could hold humanity’s fate in its hand. –

Vampires Day 7 : The Originals

As a pairing to yesterday, I thought I’d follow up with the Originals next.

The Originals stemmed from The Vampire Diaries. When they first came on scene they were the biggest, baddest baddies in the history of ever. We hated them. Then we realized we really didn’t. As their time on TVD came to an end the writers recognized the potential they had for their own show! And they gave it to us.

The originals is geared more towards adults than TVD started out to be. The story centrers around the Mikaelson family, mainly Elijah, Rebecca & Niklaus (Klaus). The Mikaelson’s are the original vampires, created through a spell cast by their mother, Esther, to prevent their deaths. When Klaus transformed he also happened to trigger his werewolf gene, something he didn’t know he had (because Mama Mikaelson had an affair and ended up pregnant)  and he became a Hybrid. He spent centuries feeling like an outcast and went out to try to create other Hybrids. Tyler Lockwood was his first successful hybrid. After a one night stand with another wolf, Hayley, Klaus leaves mystic falls and heads to his old stomping grounds. New Orleans, a place where he was essentially king has changed. Marcel, who Klaus sired, is now in charge of things.He controls the witches, the werewolves, and the vampires in the city. He has become king. Of course that doesn’t sit well with Klaus at all.  While trying to take his city back Klaus learns that Hayley is pregnant with his child – something unheard of.

Klaus, is the often misunderstood brother. He puts his family first and is fiercely protective of them. He just happens to protect them in a way that seems the most selfish. He’s a tormented creature, that doesn’t seem to fit in with vampires or werewolves so he strives to create his own family. He can be impulsive and ruled by emotion,and he’s often feared because he’s known for his torturous ways. He loves deeply though, and is really just a boy seeking the approval of his family when you dig away at the hard exterior.

Elijah is the suave brother. The honourable one. He longs to keep his family together, but struggles with Klaus’ behaviour. Elijah is known as the noble one, the brother who will keep to his word. He is always fixing Klaus’ problems.

Rebecca is the young sister. She longs to have a normal life, one free of Klaus’ overbearing protection. She longs for a human life, where she can fall in love, and have a family. Something that was ripped from her when she was a young girl. Rebecca can be wicked, but she’s also just a girl looking for someone to truly love her.

The other vampires on the show are pretty awesome too, and there are other Original vampires who no longer are around, Kol being one that we also love to hate (he’s a lot like Klaus in that aspect, but with even more impulse)

Vampires: Day 6 – The Vampire Diaries!

It’s THIRSTDAY! (all the TVD and ORIGINALS fans got that, the rest of you not so much)

I figured I would save some of my favourite Vampires until their day. I was going to have both TVD and THE ORIGINALS together, but it will likely be too long, so I’ll stick to TVD for today.

The Vampire Diaries,  is a tv series based on the books with the same name. The series centres around Stefan Salvatore and his attempt to live a normal life in Mystic Falls, which happens to be his hometown. That is, his original hometown from his pre-vampire days. After changing into a vampire Stefan, and his brother Damon, leave Mystic falls for centuries. Stefan returns in today’s day and age and meets a girl, Elena, who is the spitting image of his first love, Katherine, who is also the girl who changed him. Enter Damon, who also was in love with Katherine, and (later on) Elena.

The Salvatore brothers are as different as day and night, literally.

Stefan SalvatoreStefan is the “good” brother, the saviour, the one with the hero hair. He will always do the right thing. Well, almost. There were a few years there where he did all the wrong things. They’re called his “Ripper days” because he literally couldn’t control himself when he fed.

Damon Salvatore

Damon, the bad brother, the rule bender, the one who always does the wrong thing, sometimes with the right intentions, sometimes just because it suits him a purpose at that very moment, sometimes because he’s reckless and doesn’t think. He’s also sarcastic and witty. He loves his brother fiercely, and loves Elena almost just as much. Or sometimes more, depending on his mood. (PS I’m totally Team Damon)

Elena Gilbert

Elena is a regular girl, in a regular town that is anything but regular.She meets Stefan shortly after her parents’ death. She falls in love with him. They’re cute together for the first two season. Then their relationship is changed, and Elena grows closer to Damon (who, to be fair, met her first, even if he did compel her to forget, sorry Team Stelena people) Elena is changed into a vampire during an accident like the one that killed her parents. Elena is the glue that keeps her friends together, she’s also the one who keeps Damon grounded. In the new season Elena is gone (what? how? – watch the show)  & it really shows not just in Damon, but in the whole town of Mystic Falls.

Caroline Forbes
is by far my favourite vampire on the show (aside from the Brothers)
She started out as the most annoying character on the show, but throughout the seasons something has changed in Caroline, or rather we have gotten to know the real her. The anxious, not so sure about anything girl hidden under the cocky debutante. The girl who we can all relate to on some level. I could probably go on all day about all the reasons we love Caroline, but maybe that’s a whole other post for another day.

Alraic Satzman (Ric)

I think Ric deserves some recognition, even though right now he’s not a vampire anymore.
Ric came to town as a history teacher, in search of answers. He becomes the Gilbert’s parental figure after their Aunt Jenna (who happens to be Ric’s love at the time) dies. He find out that Damon is the vampire who turned his wife.   The character development of Ric is beyond amazing and often overlooked.  Human, to vampire hunter, to vampire vampire hunter under a spell, killed, ghost, vampire brought back to life, turned back to human. He started out HATING vampires, especially Damon, to become a vampire and one of Damon;s friends. In fact, he becomes Damon’s best friend, which is saying a lot.

Lorenzo (AKA Enzo)

Enzo is basically Damon, with an accent! He’s sarcastic, sassy, and hot. With an accent, I mentioned that right? Enzo was Damon’s cellmate in the 1950’s when they were captured and being tested on by a secret society at Whitmore College. Damon escaped with Enzo’s help, but unfortunate events made it so Enzo couldn’t escape with him. Years later he is reunited with Damon. Enzo brings out the bad side of Damon sometimes, but he also cares for Damon and wants to keep him safe from things that would hurt him.

Alexia Branson (Lexi

Lexi is Stefan’s best friend. She has been there for him for centuries.She found him during one of his Ripper phases and brought him out of it. She loathes Damon because of the things he has done to his brother (and to her, including getting her killed – again) She has appeared as a ghost after her death as a vampire, and saved Stefan from getting sucked into oblivion when the other side was going under. She found her peace just as the other side collapsed and it is assumed she was saved.

Tyler Lockwood

Tyler is a werewolf turned hydbrid (vampire werewolf) by Klaus Mikaelson (more on him tomorrow)  who died and came back as a human.  Tyler had to re-trigger his werewolf curse after he sustained wounds during a fight that would otherwise have killed him.

Even though they aren’t vampires, I feel that Bonnie, Matt and Jeremy deserve some recognition.

Bonnie is a witch, not just any witch, a super powerful Bennett witch.  She used to hate Damon, but after being trapped in a prison world after the collapse of the other side. Bonnie was the anchor to the other side, and Damon refused to leave her while it was crashing, so they both ended up in the prison world. Now they are close friends, and seem to be protective of each other.

Jeremy Gilbert is the younger brother of Elena. He was a lost kid after his parents death, taking to drinking, smoking pot and ditching class. Over time he focused his energy and became a pretty baddass vampire hunter.. Jeremy has died and come back multiple times thanks to the “Gilbert Ring”.

Matt Donovan:  Matt is a human, he has died a couple of times while wearing the Gilbert ring, but other than that he has no claim to the supernatural. He is friends with Caroline, Bonnie, Elena, Jeremy and Stefan.

The Vampire Diaries is an amazing show! It was supposed to be some silly show about vampires and their love lives, but it turned into so much more. 

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