Halloween 2016


Halloween was fun. The weather stayed gorgeous so we didn’t have to trick or treat in the snow (seriously, we’ve done it some years) This year C went with a friend – yes my 15 year old still trick or treats, no I don’t even care if you think that’s ‘okay’ or not. He enjoys it and his happiness means more to me than some random online people. C dressed up as Gingy (the gingerbread man from Shrek) and had a blast. Mister was The Grim Reaper, Blue was a demon, Lady Girl was a witch and Little Miss was a ghost. We lucked out and found the boys’ costumes at goodwill (in mint condition) and the girls re-used old handmade costumes that we added new colours and accessories to.  They were super cute. This year Little Miss was just over 2, so it was her first year out of the stroller, walking up to houses. She made it over half way before needing to be put in the stroller.  She was absolutely adorable with her little “trick or treeaat” and “thank goo” <3

How was your Halloween?


Day 30 – One last moment, in great detail

After  school today Blue was being… six. He was overtired, not happy, it was snowy, windy & overall craptacular out. We couldn’t see in front of us.
Since little man was having a moment I told hubby to take the rest home and I would walk with him.
He was screaming, and yelling and just not paying attention. I was trying to keep him from falling on the ice I knew was under the snow (since it had been water this morning on the way) and of course, I slipped and fell.

Even worse, I fell on my ‘bad’ knee. The one that I injured at 16 that still blows up every now and then.
So there I was, frustrated, cold, sitting on the ice with a sore knee.
Little man looked down and said “mommy, let me help you up”
Of course, he can’t, he’s six & I tower over him, but it was precious and sweet, and just what we needed in that moment.

We made the most of the walk on the way home and talked, just him and I.
Instead of worrying about the cold, of the fall, or my throbbing knee, or the tantrum he was having ten minutes earlier, we just enjoyed the moments alone that we don’t usually have.

It was sweet 🙂