Let’s Talk

Reviving this from the archives because it’s important! 
(Original post dated Jan 27th 2016)

Today is Bell’s “Bell Let’s Talk” day. The day where Bell donates 5⊄ for every tweet with the hashtag #BellLetsTalk, for every view their official fb video gets (right here)  and for every text and call sent from a Bell mobile phone, or long distance call from a landline. They do this every year, and honestly it’s one of my favourite days.
Sure, it’s slactivism, but you know what happens on BellLetsTalk day?
People start to talk. They talk about mental health on twitter, on fb, on their blogs. They talk about their mental health &  how mental illness has affected them.

Did you know 20 % of Canadians experience mental illness in their lifetime?

I’m one of them.

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The Perfect Snow Day

My perfect snow day would start with sleeping in.There’d be no hustle to get the kids off to school so the morning could be lazy. 
In fact, let’s be honest, the whole day would be lazy. 

 We’d probably hang around in our PJs watching netflix for the morning, until the kids wanted to go outside and play in the snow (weather permitting).


After a while I’d bring in Little Miss while the others play outside for a while longer. I’ll turn on my deezer and hit flow then head to the kitchen to bake some warm goodies and hot chocolate. for when the kids come in (okay, maybe I’d make them a little for me too)  

If it’s too cold for outside fun we’ll pull up some fun ideas to help curb their boredom. We could still bake cookies and make hot chocolate though, right? 😉 

 Living where we do we get at least one or two snow days each winter. In reality a snow day means I have 3 schoolaged kids home who are bored out of their mind and don’t want to do anything I suggest. They will want to watch a movie until I put it on then they’ll hate it. In those moments I’m usually counting down the minutes until it’s time for school again.  

The perfect snow day doesn’t exist, but it’s nice to think about sometimes. 

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Beat The Winter Blahs

We’re almost half way through January. The Christmas chaos is over and it’s too cold on most days for the kids to play outside long (if at all) so we’re stuck in doors battling the winter blahs and trying to find ways to beat them. 

  1.  Bring snow play inside with this 3 ingredient snow dough.
  2.  Build a snowman with paper plates, or felt, or paper cups.
  3.  Paint with snow
  4. Plan a fun winter party for no reason other than to beat the blahs. 

How do you fight off the winter blahs? 

Family Fun In London Ont

I have always felt lucky to live in our city. We have so many family friendly events in London, Ontario, most are free or inexpensive. Summer brings out a lot of fests (sunfest, ribfest, even kidfest) but we have a couple of hidden gems to help our families get through the winter blahs. 

  • Boler Mountain
    During the summer Boler mountain offers fun things like ziplining and mountain bike trails, but there’s lots of fun to be had in the winter when the hills are snowy. There’s skiing and snowboarding, of course, but there’s also tubing which is great fun for the kids. 
  • Storybook Gardens
    Another place that’s lots of fun for families anytime of year. This time of year they open up their “SnowyBook Village”  which includes a 250m Skate Trail and their new Beavertails concession. (If you don’t know what Beavertails are you’re missing out, seriously) 
  • Fanshawe Pioneer Village
    Take a step back in time! Fanshawe Pioneer village has self guided tours as well as educational programs. The kids can have fun learning about the olden days from way back before their parents were even born. 

The outside isn’t for everyone this time of year but don’t worry, London has some great indoor activities for kids and families too! 

  • Adventures On Wonderland
    When your kids are full of energy and it’s too cold to take them to an outdoor playground you can drop in to London’s biggest indoor playground! For kids 12 and under there are tunnels, climbers, ball bin, mazes and slides plus a lot of space for getting their energy out. Best of all? Adults are FREE! 
  • The Children’s Museum
    My kids love the interactive exhibits at the children’s museum. There are three floor to explore and every exhibit encourages kids to interact with it.  It’s a great way to spend the day while also encouraging your kids to explore the world around them. 

If you’re planning a trip to London, Ontario anytime of year, or you’re just curious, you can always check out Tourism London for events going on in the city throughout the year. 


This post was part of Mama Kat’s Thursday Writing Prompts. Head on over to Mama Kat’s Losin It and check out all the other great prompts and posts!  If you’re visiting from Mama Kat’s please feel free to link to your post in the comments section too!