Dear Imperfect Moms: You Really Need To See Bad Moms

Friday I took a girls afternoon with my sister  & sister in law.. Shopping, lunch, and impromptu movie date.  We had time to kill and Bad Moms was playing, so why not? Like many other moms we had seen the preview and knew we had to see it. The previews didn’t let us down. This movie was everything we needed, and more.

Bad Moms is a great movie that reminds us all that there’s no such thing as the perfect mother.That loving your children is much more important than what you bring to the bake sale. That you never know what anyone else is going through, even though we all keep that perfect outward appearance. It’s about finding mom-friendships in the oddest places with the least likely person. It’s about finding yourself in the chaos of motherhood.
If you are a mother you need to see this movie. It will make you laugh, you will connect with it and it will hit you right in the feels. Grab your mom-tourage and some tissues and head out to see Bad Moms at your local theater! You won’t be disappointed!

Bad Moms comes out on Blu Ray November 1st, you can pre-order Bad Moms [Blu-ray] right now on Amazon!  You can also get your Bad Mom party on with the CD, available from amazon.
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Have you seen Bad Moms? 
How did you like it? 
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Have mercy, Uncle Jesse’s still got it.

If you have been following me on twitter, or facebook, it’s no secret that I’ve been binge watching Fuller house since it aired (yesterday, I know, don’t judge me)  now that I’m done and hoping for season 2 (which netflix needs to get on like yesterday) I’m watching the original series from the start (hello childhood!)

Fuller house was everything! It had the right amount of nostalgic moments to bring in the older fans, with just enough new generation to pull in the new fans.  The first episode was heavy with a reunion of all the old cast, but opened up the door to a whole new series.
They did have some parallels to the old show (the plot is pretty much the same, but in reverse) but the stories have a fresher feel to them that appeal to both those of us who have grown up with the Tanners and to the new generation who will (hopefully!) grow up with the Fullers.

Let’s talk about the opening credits. The bridge, the house, the song. It’s all there, but again – with a fresher feel.

Out with the old…

Aside from DJ, Stef & Kimmy the rest of the old cast aren’t on scene often except for the first episode. They’ve gone off to continue on their lives now that the girls have grown up. But don’t worry, they’re still close enough that they can pop in for visits or to babysit. I loved that the story focused on the girls and the Fuller kids with an occasional pop in from the old cast rather than being focused on the older cast.

Catch up with the original Full House!  
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…In with the new

My kids loved watching the series with me, and even have asked if we could watch the original series (which Netflix also has on, so of course that’s what we’re doing)  Fuller house is a show that will win the hearts of those of us who grew up with it but has enough fresh newness that our kids will love it too.

Bottom line, if you grew up loving Full House, and you haven’t watched Fuller House yet, you’re seriously missing out. Grab some popcorn for you & your kids, sit down and relive your childhood on Netflix!




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