Friday Fun: Which Witch Are YOU?


You are Endora from “Bewitched!” You are sassy, classy, and full of charm. Despite your calm, sophisticated exterior, you are brimming with power — and you’re not afraid to use it! You have little patience for dumb mortals — but if you love someone, you protect them with all your might. You are a force to be reckoned with!

Endora, played by Agnes Moorehead, was a leading character on the wildly popular TV show “Bewitched.” She was a powerful witch who hated mortals — specifically her bumbling son-in-law, Darrin.

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Mom Shame

As if moms don’t get shamed enough, now it seems people are ganging up on moms to complain about them posting about their children on their social media sites.
Seriously, I can’t even make this stuff up.

What is wrong with people? They actually think they should tell someone what not to post on their own social media? I guess these ‘ladies’ only post intellectual things about politics and world news. I’m sure if we scroll their feed we wouldn’t find anything “uninteresting” to us, right?

A mother’s moments with her children go by fast, she also probably spends a huge portion of her day with her children, so keep that in mind if you’re going to complain that all she does is post about her baby. It’s not that she isn’t intelligent, or that she doesn’t have anything else to post, it’s that her focus is on her child. Her baby is learning and developing at the speed of light and she wants to document all the moments. Be proud that she’s sharing those moments with you. It means she feels you are worthy of seeing these posts that she holds dear to her heart.