God Bless The Broken Road

I am always amazed how something like a song can bring a rush of memories back. 
The other day I hit ‘flow’ on my deezer account and let the music fill the air. 
No Doubt came on. They were big in the late 90s right around the time that I was discovering boys and dating and, inevitably, getting my heart broken for the first time.  I hadn’t thought about that time, or boy, in a long time, but when that song came on it all came rushing back. 

The relationship had started out as friends. Us playing video games after school and just hanging out. We were comfortable together. He made me laugh. He wasn’t like other boys I knew. He liked me the way I was and I felt comfortable being myself around him. 
I’m not sure when it changed to something more, but it did, and it was pretty great until it wasn’t. 
As an adult I know that it was just a teenage puppy love, but as a teenage girl I was heartbroken. 
This song was my anthem, my heartbreak song. It spoke to me in ways nothing else did.
Hearing the song brought back all the memories. The laughter. The fun times. The first time he held my hand.  That first kiss. The last one. The nights I spent crying not just over a lost boy, but over the friendship that was now damaged beyond repair. 




Don’t get me wrong, I am not longing for the past, in fact I’m happy for it. The broken road, the heartbreaks I went through, all of them lead me to where I am. To my husband, our children our life, and for that I’m extremely happy. God bless the broken road that lead me to this life.

Music Monday

Yes, I’m still binge watching That 70’s show on Netflix, and I’m still riding the Jackie/Hyde ship (I never really got off, I just forgot how much I loved them!)


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Today’s Music Monday features some of the best Jackie/Hyde moments to “The Right Kind Of Wrong” (Leann Rimes)

Happy [Music Monday]

The weather is gloomy and I need something upbeat today.
When this song came across my spotify this morning it was a reminder that I still have a bunch of things to be happy about, despite people trying to bring me down.  So I’m starting the week off with something upbeat and hoping that it helps kick the gloomy feelings away.

Well, I should probably warn you I’ll be just fine, yeah,
No offense to you, don’t waste your time

Can’t nothing
Bring me down
My level’s too high
Bring me down
Can’t nothing
Bring me down


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done one of these.  I think I may start doing them once a month.

Feeling: hungry and sick. There’s been a cold in the house for a week now.

Reading: Night World book 1  (Lj Smith)  I’m part way through the first story and so far I love it! Not that I’m surprised. Vampires are kind of my weakness.

Enjoying: The fact that we had a gorgeous spring-like weekend. Of course we’re supposed to get some snow tonight so today has been grey and dismal, but it was nice while it lasted.

Thinking About if I should get a legit host (instead of just a domain through WP.) It’s a lot of work, but the perks are so amazing.

Loving: Bolthouse Blueberry banana Almond milk smoothie So much yum!

Watching: I finished up Fuller House (see my review here), and now I’m binge watching the old episodes of Full house with my kids, and still binge watching the Walking Dead when they’re asleep.

Listening to:  Almost every morning when I wake up my local radio plays Stressed Out and I kind of <3 it.