Hold Her, Wear Her, Breathe Her In.

This week over on MamaKat’s site one of the themes is to pick a picture from your instagram from last month and talk about it. Of course I love instagram! So here we go:

Both Little Miss & Blue had a dentist check up after Easter (because that’s perfect timing, right?)  Their dentist is absolutely amazing. We’ve been with him about 11 years with the kids. He’s a pediatric dentist and is  great with the kids. They love going, seriously! The only problem is that the dentist is way across town, and I take the bus, so it’s two buses across town. On top of that the office is busy and it’s really hard to maneuver the stroller in there (plus, the two bus thing) So I figured it would make my trip 100 times easier to just wear her. I haven’t worn her for a while, being a toddler means she’s more on the go and doesn’t want to be up as much. She seemed to be very content in the tula that day, except when I was sitting to wait for the dentist. She fell asleep on the way home, snuggled up close, just like she did when she was a smaller baby.  I settled back on my long ride home and just breathed in my sleeping girl.


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Easter was fairly laid back around here.
We typically don’t do Easter hunts, mostly because our yard is usually muddy this time of year and traditionally our families just did baskets growing up.
Our kids are happy getting baskets filled with goodies. This year the older kids’ consisted of chocolates, colouring books/crayons, spinbrushes and a beanie boos (my kids are currently obsessed with them!)  while Little miss had goldfish, cheese crackers and fruit loops in her eggs, plus some random toys & stuffies. I must have been good this year because I ended up with some chocolate and my own beanie boo (I’m a bit obsessed too)

The bubbles were the biggest hit with Little Miss this year. She ran around the room ‘catching’ them. I think an automatic bubble blower is needed this year.


I hope Easter was good to you and your family.

That your day was filled with happiness, laughter, love, and a bit of chocolate.


Happy Puppy Day!

Today is National Puppy Day so I guess I should tell you about ours. Our dog isn’t a puppy anymore, but she’s a heck of a dog. She was born 4 years ago April 2nd (our anniversary!)She is the perfect dog for our house. She loves kids. Seriously. She sleeps with them, they lay on her and she doesn’t care, she watches them from our window as they play (and whines if they go “too far” for her liking)


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We often joke that she doesn’t know she’s a dog. She’s so human like. We could never put her out in the yard the way other dog owners do. She won’t run around the yard and play without us or the kids out there with her. She’s a huge suck of a dog and we adore her


If you’re looking for a puppy or dog to add to your family, check out your local shelter. I am sure there is one looking for a forever home!