New Year’s Tree (So Pinteresting Sat)

With the craziness this week I didn’t get a nicely lined up themed pinterest post for this week, but I did come across this adorable idea, and while it’s way too late for me to plan it out this year, it is definitely on the radar for next year!

New Year’s trees!


Isn’t it gorgeous? 

I hate taking the decorations off the tree. There’s just nothing fun about it. I usually put it off as long as I can and then Hubby gets tired of looking at it lol but imagine taking down the decorations to decorate the tree for new year’s!!?? It would make taking the decorations down actually fun!


Oh Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree is perfect.

Not store display perfect.

Not award winning perfect.

There aren’t neatly lined up decorations.

My tree has way more decorations at the top than at the bottom. There were decorations on the bottom at first, though not as many as at the top, and with a toddler running around most of the bottom decoration are now up top.

There aren’t strategically themed decorations like in the magazines.
Instead there are many handmade ornaments. Not fancy handmade from a store or etsy, but instead made at school by my children. The decorations tell a story. The story of them growing up. Each decoration they made was carefully carried home and proudly handed to us. They watched with joy in their eyes as we opened their special gift.

The decorations aren’t placed strategically, but instead they are placed with love. We listen to Christmas music and we all decorate it together. They love finding the “perfect” place for their special ornaments. That means that more often than not we have two huge ornaments on branches close together, and bare spots where all you see is lights.
And that’s okay, because  our tree is perfectly ours, filled with love, and that’s better than any store front tree I have ever seen.

Our tree is perfect. 


Today’s theme comes from Mama Kat‘s writer’s workshop. Why not head over there and check it out?

Christmas Eve Traditions

When I was growing up we would go to my Aunt’s house on Christmas eve and have a huge get together with dinner and opening presents. It was a long, exciting night. Afterwards my grandparents would take me to church for Christmas Eve service and then we would go home for the night.

My family traditions have changed now that I’m older and live in a different city. Christmas eve we do some holiday baking (Santa needs his cookies, after all!) and then we put the Christmas presents under the tree together, The kids love to place the presents just right, big at the bottom, going up to small presents.   Then we watch some holiday movies, read The Night Before Christmas and head up to bed so Santa can drop by! The kids eagerly track Santa with Norad so they know how long they have to fall asleep. We also take a picture of the kids under the tree with their empty stockings (and then take the same picture Christmas morning once Santa has come)

This is the last blogmas entry. YAY! I managed to do them all! (which is more than I can say for the photochallenge. Opps)

Now it’s time for me to get on with our Christmas Eve day and prepare for the big guy!


This year’s plans are pretty simple.
Christmas Eve my MIL is coming over through the day to celebrate, so we’ll have our gathering and some sort of nice lunch with her. Christmas day will be just us. Stockings, breakfast, opening gifts, watching Christmas movies, dinner. It will be quiet and laid back, and full of much love.