So Pinteresting New Year’s

Happy New Year’s Eve!  In just a few short hours 2016 will be behind us and we’ll head on into a new year. Hopefully one with less loss of our childhood icons. cry

While most people are planning fun parties tonight (read: adult parties) some of us need to plan family/kid friendly parties.  So, of course I’ve been pinning some fun kid friendly ideas to ring in the new year. 

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Long Weekend

Coming off a three day weekend with kids home feels like coming down from a three day bender. Not that I remember what those are anymore.
This weekend was so busy.  We had hubby’s birthday on Valentine’s day and then Monday was family day in Ontario. Which is basically a provincial holiday so the schools and all the fun things are closed. Thankfully it was cold as heck out so we really couldn’t do anything. Though, my kids had fun playing outside in the snow (except the baby, of course, brrr) We also finally binge watched the last season of How  I Met Your Mother on netflix (don’t do it people. It hits you right in the feels)
Today we’re back to normal, bringing you a  Ten On Tuesday list.  Since I unplugged for the weekend I’m going to make this Tuesday 10 a pinterest day (because I love pinterest!)




Paperbag puppets are always good boredom buster

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Sensory bags (I MADE A THING!)

Mondays I go to a local moms group. I’ve mentioned it before, but basically it’s a bunch of us moms (dads are invited too,but so far only Ottis occasionally shows up). We do different things different weeks,for instance, every 6 weeks we do “collective kitchen” where we cook a new thing and take it home -those are my fave ones! Last time we made spring rolls! NOMMM!, sometimes we get speakers who come in to discuss various topics, and sometimes we do crafts. It’s very ‘group’ run, we decide what we’d like to do and the coordinator makes it so. It also helps to build connections with other parents in the community, which is always fun.  It runs during the school year (Sept – end of June here) at various locations across the city, then we have some fun things for all the groups in the summer.  It’s a lot of fun. I’ve made some great connections there.
Anyways, today was a craft day. Usually I suck at crafts. I’m so not a pinterest mom. I mean, I love it, I just can’t get it right the way other pinterest moms do. Today we made pinterest sensory bags….and…. they worked! They were super easy and fun!

We used
-A bottle of hand sanitizer (you can use gel, but we didn’t have any)
-Various little trinkets from the dollar store (buttons, eraser, little things like that)
-Large ziplock bags (x 2)
-Colourful duct tape

We simply put the gel and trinkets into the bag and then closed it. Folded it over and taped it shut. Then put it in another bag. Another mom opted to frame her bag and kept  both sides visible, I decided to tape the whole back of my bag to make it one sided. Both turned out super cute!

Inspired by:

Try it, share what you made if you’d like!

Here’s how ours turned out:


We made sensory bags at our local moms group today. Baby girl loves it! (Mommy does too)