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I don’t know if any of you watch The Vampire Diaries, but I’ve been a die hard fan from the start, and last night marked the series finale. True to the way TVD always has been the episode sent us on a whirlwind of emotions right up until the end. I cried, I smiled, I cried more.

Cut for spoilers. If you haven’t seen the finale and don’t want spoilers don’t read more.

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EEEK I have been waiting all summer for the moment when TVD would show back up on my screen.
(ok, I was also busy getting ready for and then giving birth to a baby) but guess what?!
I don’t have to wait one second longer! TVD IS BACK!!


Of course that means that I’ve done my usual comments (this week on my own since my TVDGirls couldn’t watch with me)

Cut, for your pleasure. Post ahead will very likely contain spoilers.

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Post 3 pics of famous people you find attractive

The hardest part of this post is being able to ONLY pick three people.


Ian Somerhalder

(The Vampire Diaries ‘Damon Salvatore”)

I find his character on TVD attractive, but also think Ian is a good looking person
with many attractive qualities.
Environmentalist, animal lover, genuinely nice.
Plus, those eyes. <3


Johnny Depp

I’ve had the biggest celeb crush on him since I saw him as ‘Cry Baby Walker’ many years ago, a crush that has become admiration the older I get, and the more characters I see him play. I adore his ability to play so many diverse characters so genuinely. There’s also something dark and mysterious about him, which only adds to the attraction.

Joseph Morgan

While Joesph isn’t my typical type (dark hair/light eyes) there’s something about him. Not just that he plays a dark but amazing character on The Vampire Diaries & The Originals (Klaus) but also because he has some pretty admirable qualities. He is an active supporter of “Positive Women” and seems genuine when interacting with his fans. He also has that amazing little smirk, those puppy eyes and the accent, which makes the whole package near perfect.


What if you want to come back? [I won’t]

What if you want to come back? [I won’t].

I’ll admit, I have a season 1 & 2 Stelena heart, so this absolutely broke that

but at the same time, Damon and Elena walking forward, not looking back, while Stefan looked back showed perfectly the relationship these brothers have with Elena , in my opinion.

Stefan looking back, remembering the Elena she was. Wanting her back, knowing that isn’t going to happen.
Damon moving forward, taking her as she is now, no matter what form that is.