Five On Friday [Better Late Than Never]

Today’s entry is late, I’m probably just literally getting it in before cut off.
Today was busy. Good busy.
More on that later, let’s get to five things I’m loving this week!



[One | Yop]

My local grocery store had these on sale, so I scored a whole bunch of them.
Hello childhood!

[Two | Snow]

Even though it makes things cold and wet, it’s so pretty to look at & watching the kids and hubby having fun in it makes it worth the need for extra layers of clothing.

[Three | Hubby]

Speaking of him, he’s pretty awesome and has been extra awesome this week. His birthday is also this weekend, so I guess I should give him a nod here 😉 <3

[Four | My MIL]

I know, nature or whatever says wives and mother in laws shouldn’t get along, but we do. Today she showed up and took hubby, little miss and I out for lunch (where little miss discovered she likes eating raw limes…)

[Five | Hotchocolate]


With all the snow lately, it’s nice to sit back and drink some warm hot chocolate, with those little marshmallows.

What five things are you loving this week?