Friday Five

Did everyone survive Christmas? 
Ours went well. We have a quiet day at our house, just the seven of us. No rushing, no traveling. It’s calm and we love it. 

I got spoiled this year. Chocolates, bath and body and colouring books galore! I’m in mommy-heaven! So, with that in mind here are my faves this week(ish), fair warning it’s likely going to be a list of stuff I loved from Christmas. 

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Friday Faves

 Hello Friday! 
It’s time to round up some of my fave things this week. 

TWD:  Seriously, can we talk about Negan? I hate him but at the same time I aboslutely adore him. This character is fifty shades of amazing, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Here’s just a few reasons why you’ll love to hate Negan.

Fuller House is returning to Netflix

Prisma.  Seriously, I’m addicted to this app


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The Beauty & the Beast live trailer is out and it’s perfect!


What are some things you’re loving this week?

Friday Faves


It’s FRIDAY!  That means it’s time to round up some of my favourite things this week! 

October 15th was Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness day. I posted about the time I was almost a statistic, but I wanted to also share this article about what it’s like to have a miscarriage in the age of social media. (Read it, it’s worth the read) 

Since most of us parents loathe spending a ton of money on a low quality costume that the kids are only going to wear one night we’re all looking for easy/in expensive DIY costumes for our kids for Halloween, right? Don’t worry this dad has some hilarious ideas.

Retail therapy! The other day hubby decided it was time to get me out of the house, and he spoiled me with some good old fashioned retail therapy. We picked a good day because there were many sales at my favourite stores! I picked up an adorable satchel bag & a clutch from Torrid and some yummy smelling fragrances from Bath & Body Works.


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This Mama Rap 
I know it’s not from this week, but this came across my newsfeed on fb this week and I knew I had to share it! 

The Vampire Diaries is back! 

I’m sad that it’s the last season, but so glad to see the mystic crew back on my screen. This season is already gearing up to me an amazing emotional rollercoaster. Thankfully I have a costco membership so I’m well stocked in tissues. I’m going to need them all. 


                    What are some things you’re loving this week?