October Currents

I haven’t done a currently in forever. 

Watching:  I just finished Season 6 of OITNB. Season 7 can hurry up like yesterday, thank you very much.  I started watching The Purge on Amazon Video. I’m kind of hooked already. 

Playing:   Elder Scrolls Online.  

Planning: Thanksgiving dinner, looking at Christmas stuff. 

Loving: that fall is here! Even though the shorter days and the gloom can make my depression worse, I still really love most things about fall

Needing:  To get more active. 

Making:  My planner pretty. 



New month, new year! 


  • Looking Back:  Last month was full of chaos, getting the last bits of things ready for Christmas while also helping my brother and sister in law get moved in and settled in their new place (which is literally right next door, I’m excited!
  • This Month: Our third baby enters the double digits. I’m not sure what we’ll do to celebrate, but he’s requested sundaes. 
  • Watching:  I decided to give the show Ransom a try the other night, the first episode was pretty good. I’ll be watching the series! I’ve been binge watching Glee on Netflix. I never jumped on the bandwagon when it was popular, and now I’m kicking myself for it.
  • ReadingFeast Of Fools (The Morganville Vampires #4)
  • Listening:  I’m still listening to Christmas music, to be honest. 
  • Feeling: like this school break is taking forever. I’m counting down the days to get back to normal. 



October Currently

I know it’s mid October but I’ve just realized I haven’t done my Currently for the month, so here we go! 


  The Choices We Make (Kara Brown) -This is a beautiful story about surrogacy and friends who go above and beyond.  This story has my feels all over the place and I cant wait to see how it ends (even though I have a feeling I will be a little sad) 

Planning:  We’re rolling down to Halloween now and planning out costumes. This year we are re-using old homemade costumes for the girls.  Lady Girl went out last year as Princess Leia using a crochet and tulle tutu, so we’re using her old costume to make Little Miss a ghost this year.  My SIL is crocheting eyes and a mouth to add to it so it comes out super cute! Lady Girl is using her Monster High inspired tutu from a few years ago and we’re adding more tulle to it to turn it into a witch outfit! My boys have found some pretty great costumes while thrifting and C hasn’t decided if he’s going or not yet. (Yes we let our teen trick or treat providing he wears a costume and is polite. Here’s why)  

Watching:  Fall TV is all coming back which makes me super excited. I’ve been watching my shows (Empire, The Blacklist) and started to get into the new show Bull. TVD, The Originals & TWD will be on my screen soon and then my fangirl life will be complete.  I also need to watch the second season of The Ranch now that it’s out! 

Feeling:  I’m in a rut, still pretty blah with plans to help unslump myself. It will happen. 🙂 

What’s going on with you this month? 

September Currents


It’s already September! How did that happen? On one hand it feels like the summer just started, on the other hand I’m so ready for the littles to go back to school (five more days!) I love having them home, but they need their space (and mama needs hers). Them going back to school means I will get my routine back. I’ll be able to get down to potty training Little Miss (she’s so ready to get started) and getting back to regular schooling routine with C (who is doing online schooling)   September also brings the promise of fall. Colourful leaves, hoodies, bonfires, pumpkin spice everything (yum!) and it’s even closer to Thanksgiving (early October in Canada).

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So, what’s going on this month? 
Let’s get doing a currently post! 

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