Friday Faves

Rounding up a few of my favourite things this week

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  • Summer Vacation!  Okay, so the kids drive me up the walls some days, with their bickering and their “I’m boooooored”, and their constant mess everywhere, but having them home, free from the scheduling is really great. This Facebook post by Bunmi Laditan is a great reminder that we don’t need to schedule summer.
  • Central air, because let’s be real, it’s freaking hot out there
  • Containment.  Seriously, Julie Plec has managed to do it yet again. Pulling us in, breaking our hearts and giving us a hell of a ride as she does it. I’m just sorry that the show is only one season long.
  • Speaking of Julie Plec and my fangirl side, Season eight of TVD has started filming! A few short months and the Salvatores will be on our screen again! -Order Season 7 of TVD on /
  •  This video that sums up how parenting can be (there’s some swearing, so watch when there aren’t little ears around)

    What are some of your favourite things about this week?

Hello July


I know it’s mid July, and usually I do this at the start of the month, but life has been busy.
The kids are out of school for the summer, and I managed to move my blog to a self hosted site, which has taken time (but so worth it, if you’ve been wondering)
I haven’t done a “currently” post in a while, what better way than to break open the new blog?

July Currently…