September Currents


It’s already September! How did that happen? On one hand it feels like the summer just started, on the other hand I’m so ready for the littles to go back to school (five more days!) I love having them home, but they need their space (and mama needs hers). Them going back to school means I will get my routine back. I’ll be able to get down to potty training Little Miss (she’s so ready to get started) and getting back to regular schooling routine with C (who is doing online schooling)   September also brings the promise of fall. Colourful leaves, hoodies, bonfires, pumpkin spice everything (yum!) and it’s even closer to Thanksgiving (early October in Canada).

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So, what’s going on this month? 
Let’s get doing a currently post! 

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Music Monday

I got married on Friday. It was a small little thing in our yard.  (Don’t worry, there will be another post with more details later!
It was perfect. We used Deezer as our DJ. I spent weeks combing over songs and finding the perfect playlist. Our song was obviously on there (Hello – Lionel Ritchie) and even though my leg was swollen we were able to have our dance right there in our patio.  It was beautiful. 
Since I’m still flying high on the wedding day bliss today’s Music Monday is a sappy one. 
There are so many great love songs out there, but this is one of my absolute faves. 
I think it’s because we’ve been together for such a long time (16 years this past April! – I know, I procrastinated getting to the I DO lol) that the lyrics really just hit home. 


Canada Is Closed

Photo credit mcbill2471 Instagram

Saturday night Canada was closed. Basically. 
The Tragically Hip (“The Hip”), a well known Canadian band, held the final concert of their final tour in their hometown. Almost all of Canada watched, cost to cost,tears in our eyes thanks to CBC TV ( Canadian broadcast television). Cities held showings of it in their parks. People watched together at home and online. We all held The Hip in our hearts in a giant national Canadian group hug.  No, this isn’t how Canada celebrates every Canadian band’s final concert, but this one was special.  

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