Currently: October

I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever.  The end of summer/early September tends to be chaotic while we try to enjoy the last days of summer and get ready for back to school. Things have calmed down around here so let’s jump back in with an October Currently post

On My TV: 
Binge Watching:  Game Of Thrones.  
New Faves:  The Sinner, Midnight Texas

That autumn is finally here! I’ve posted before about why autumn is my absolute favourite season so I always get happy when I can see the season changing, the leaves, the smells  *sigh* 

Good, actually.  I spent the last month and a half focusing on getting myself on the path to better, and it’s going well. There are still bumps, but I’m feeling well over all. 

Listening To: 
There’s Nothing Holding Me Back (Shawn Mendez)

-Date night (tonight!) I’m super excited. We’re trying to pick a movie. 
-Halloween costumes 
-Starting to look at Christmas ideas. 

Last month: 
-Kids started school, and I miss them being around.C went back to school for a couple of classes a day. So far so good.
– I finally got on some meds to help with this lingering depression. I don’t know why it took me so long to seek help, but I’m glad I did. I was really in a slump and now I’m focusing on finding me again. 

Looking ahead:
I plan to create some printables for my bare wall. Now that we’ve moved around our living room this one wall needs something to make it pretty. 

Happy World Breastfeeding Week

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! Today I’m pulling an entry from last year’s


–Originally posted Aug 3rd 2016–

World Breastfeeding week is a time where moms get to talk about their struggles and their own breastfeeding journey.  It can be a week where breastfeeding moms get to feel pride in all they’ve overcome and achieved. Often times breastfeeding moms feel they need to hide, especially after they’ve hit the 12 month mark. So it’s really nice to see breastfeeding in a positive light.

Sometimes WBW comes across as breastfeeding moms trying to ‘prove’ they’re better. Sometimes some breastfeeding moms use this week to shame those who are formula feeding.
Many formula feeding moms feel this week may be an attack on them personally.

None of that is what this week is about.

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Review: Grammarly

Please note, I am an affiliate for Grammarly via ShareASale, I may get a small commission for sign ups/purchases from this post. I also received one month of premium Grammarly in order to review it. This does not influence my honest opinion  of the app/site

I recently learned about a site called “Share a Sale”, a place that connects bloggers, like me, with merchants looking to advertise. Bloggers make a small commission based on sales (and sometimes sign ups or clicks) and merchants get their name out there. Win/Win, right?

As I was scrolling through the merchants I saw that one of my favourite chrome add-ons, Grammarly, was looking for bloggers so I jumped at the chance to apply. Imagine how happy I was when I got the ‘accepted’ email! I’ve been using Grammarly for a while so I knew what they had to offer people and could get behind their services.

What Is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an easy to use, online extension, that checks both grammar and spelling to improve communication, whether it’s through email, online forums, blog entries, or Word projects, etc.

Who Uses Grammarly?

You might be thinking that Grammarly is only beneficial to bloggers, but that’s where you’re wrong. Many people can find ways to use Grammarly to help improve their writing. From simple emails to writing essays, doing homework or writing resumes. They have extensions & apps for chrome, windows and word.

Grammarly Writing Support



Will Using Grammarly Help Me?

Sure it will!
If you write emails, use Microsoft Word for resumes or letters you’ll want to use Grammarly to ensure your spelling and grammar is accurate.
Are you writing a blog entry? Why not use Grammarly to proof read your entry for spelling, grammar and even plagiarism before hitting post? In the middle of a Facebook discussion? Grammarly will help you debate without having to worry about your grammar and spelling.


So now that you know more about Grammarly, why not sign up for free?!

If you’re a blogger looking to become an affiliate with merchants like Grammarly, check out ShareASale!

Music Monday: Totally 90s

This past weekend we had our annual Rock The Park in my city.
Rock the park is a 4-day music fest held in a local public park. This year’s line up was pretty great, but the one that got everyone talking was the I Love The 90s fest that was held Friday night.  With groups like Colour Me Badd, All 4 One, and Salt & Pepa it was a 90’s teen’s dream come true. I didn’t get a chance to go because it was sold out almost instantly, but quite a few of my facebook friends went, so I lived vicariously through their pictures and the snippets of videos posted. The show looked like an incredible walk down memory lane, so I decided that Music Monday this week would be something featuring some amazing hits from the 90’s.

What are your favourite hits from the 90s? 
Which songs bring back memories from your teen years?

Want more 90s music? Follow my playlist on Deezer or Spotify



My Latest Faves

It’s not Friday, but I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and what better way than to round up some of my faves from the past little while? 

At the end of April we got this gorgeous dress handmade by my friend Lindsay (Check her out on Facebook & IG)  I love her products and Little Miss has quite a few items from her. I’ll do a review soon! 

How beautiful is this dance? 

I helped out on Blue’s end of the year field trip to Ripley’s Aquarium Canada. It was AMAZING.  

If you don’t have baby fever this video of moms meeting their babies for the first time will probably change that. 

This post about mothers around the world is yet another reminder that we thrive best when we have our village to support u. Also check out this reminder that we’re all just trying our best, that there’s no one perfect way to parent. Do you, mamas. It will all work out <3 

What are some things you’re loving lately? Let me know below, or link to your “Friday Faves”