October Currents

I haven’t done a currently in forever. 

Watching:  I just finished Season 6 of OITNB. Season 7 can hurry up like yesterday, thank you very much.  I started watching The Purge on Amazon Video. I’m kind of hooked already. 

Playing:   Elder Scrolls Online.  

Planning: Thanksgiving dinner, looking at Christmas stuff. 

Loving: that fall is here! Even though the shorter days and the gloom can make my depression worse, I still really love most things about fall

Needing:  To get more active. 

Making:  My planner pretty. 

Tasty Tuesday!

Hey guys,
It’s TUESDAY! One of my favourite days because it means I get to share some yummy food ideas on the blog!
With Thanksgiving right around the corner in Canada I thought I’d focus on holiday food recipes (Americans, just bookmark this for next month)

One of my favourite holiday sides is Traditional Bread Sauce, a treat my grandmother made every year.
I learned over the years that not many people actually know what it is, and I can’t really explain it well, but it’s yummy and you should try it.

It’s hella simple too! My children often enjoy helping too, so that’s a bonus!


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Happy October!

I blinked and summer was over, then September was time for the back to school rush and settling back into routine, but now that things have settled down it’s time to get back to this blogging thing. 

October brings on fall weather, thanksgiving and Halloween, three things I love! The only downfall to this time of year is that it’s starting to get darker earlier and we get less sun, which doesn’t help with my depression, but the pretty colours help. 

Let’s check out some of my goals for this month! 

  • I want to try to get into bullet journaling, so my goal this month is to start that.
  • Be more active.  I got a free Fitbit Versa by cashing in my Airmiles, it’s time to start racking up the steps! 
  • Get back into digital creating.   I sort of just put it off when my depression got bad, it’s time to get back to it. 
  • Start really blogging again.  I miss it. 

                         What are your October goals?