You Need A Mom Squad!

Making mom friends is hard, in real life and online, especially if you have anxiety, depression or any other form of mental illness. Moms can be more cliquey than highschool sometimes, especially online, but sometimes you strike gold and meet a squad that’s amazing. I’ve been lucky to have struck that gold a few times during my online time.   I think online moms get a bit of a bad rep. We’ve all heard about the crazy that goes on in mom’s groups. How the moms can be judgemental & make you feel worthless etc. And while that is absolutely true for some groups (in fact, one of my momsquad found that out the hard way)  I think that some groups can be supportive and produce friendships that you never knew you needed.  The momsquad I have right now is nothing short of amazing.  They’re just a message away if I need anything, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to vent to. Judgement free. 

                   Why do you need a momsquad?


Motherhood wasn’t something you were meant to take on alone. Historically humans have lived in communities, turning to each other for care and support. I am a firm believer in “it takes a village to raise a child.” A child can only thrive when they feel cared for, and the same goes for a mother.  We need each other. We need other mothers to reach out to when we’re worried, or when we feel like we are failing. We need someone to say “me too!” so we know we aren’t alone in our feelings. We need other mothers to learn from.  Our villages may no longer be physical as they were in the past, but with social media we can be instantly connected to a village of our own. Sure, we have to weed out those that are negative, but when you do that you can find an amazing squad to call your own, and trust me – you need it!


Do you have a momsquad? 
Tell us about them!

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18 comments on “You Need A Mom Squad!

  1. I found becoming a mom and mom-groups kind of like re-entering high school. I “rocked” neither of those scenes and found that most of the women who did – or who I first noticed – weren’t those who I’d naturally gravitate towards. That said, overtime, I’ve done okay figuring out mom-land. And I agree whole-heartedly that it takes a village – and that we should all embrace said village 🙂

  2. I agree! Let’s stop putting eachother down! That’s why I started my own blog because I wanted to help other moms. Great post!

  3. yes!! We all need someone who “gets it” and has gone through or is going through the same thing you are. One of the main things I’ve learned when meeting new moms is just to be optimistic and open to making new friends even if it’s harder as grown adults. Most likely they are just as desperate for some adult conversations and mom-to-mom chats 🙂

  4. Finding your mama squad/tribe is SO important. I’m a bit of an introvert but since my little one was born I’ve realised just how important it is to make an effort and get out and meet other mamas. It definitely saves your sanity some days!

  5. Fun post! I met my “mom squad” through my kids. They are the group of moms that live in my neighborhood and we all send out kids to the same Catholic school. It’s an amazing group and I’m so happy I found them.

    1. I met a couple of my real life squad through my kids, it’s just hard for me to put myself out there because I have anxiety. My squad online is pretty tight though. <3

  6. Things have changed and while we no longer have big families and support from the extended family, the mom sqyad is always there! Even if its just to share a knowing smile at the mall as you pass each other while precious wee ones are skeeping in your arms! 🙂

  7. Honestly I have a few awesome mom friends, but I LOVE and cherish my single friend tribe. They have been more involved with my kids for the most part as well as hang out with no discussions of kids:). A balance is always important.

  8. I don’t think I have a mom squad. I’m kinda just solo-ing it…aside from my husband of course. The moms I’m friends with in real-life aren’t very active on social media. And I honestly just don’t have time to be super close in real life. We all hang out occasionally – but there’s no one I can just call to vent or ask weird mom-questions to. Same thing with moms I know through social media – I talk to them occasionally, but it’s hard to know who’s really there for you or who’s just faking a smile and stabbing you in the back.

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