Review: Grammarly

Please note, I am an affiliate for Grammarly via ShareASale, I may get a small commission for sign ups/purchases from this post. I also received one month of premium Grammarly in order to review it. This does not influence my honest opinion  of the app/site

I recently learned about a site called “Share a Sale”, a place that connects bloggers, like me, with merchants looking to advertise. Bloggers make a small commission based on sales (and sometimes sign ups or clicks) and merchants get their name out there. Win/Win, right?

As I was scrolling through the merchants I saw that one of my favourite chrome add-ons, Grammarly, was looking for bloggers so I jumped at the chance to apply. Imagine how happy I was when I got the ‘accepted’ email! I’ve been using Grammarly for a while so I knew what they had to offer people and could get behind their services.

What Is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an easy to use, online extension, that checks both grammar and spelling to improve communication, whether it’s through email, online forums, blog entries, or Word projects, etc.

Who Uses Grammarly?

You might be thinking that Grammarly is only beneficial to bloggers, but that’s where you’re wrong. Many people can find ways to use Grammarly to help improve their writing. From simple emails to writing essays, doing homework or writing resumes. They have extensions & apps for chrome, windows and word.

Grammarly Writing Support



Will Using Grammarly Help Me?

Sure it will!
If you write emails, use Microsoft Word for resumes or letters you’ll want to use Grammarly to ensure your spelling and grammar is accurate.
Are you writing a blog entry? Why not use Grammarly to proof read your entry for spelling, grammar and even plagiarism before hitting post? In the middle of a Facebook discussion? Grammarly will help you debate without having to worry about your grammar and spelling.


So now that you know more about Grammarly, why not sign up for free?!

If you’re a blogger looking to become an affiliate with merchants like Grammarly, check out ShareASale!

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