Eggcellent Easter Roundup

Easter is just around the corner, already!
Are you ready? (me either)
I’ve been scouring pinterest looking for some fun Easter things and I thought I’d share! 

Have a relative coming over and want to give them something cute without making a huge basket? Try these simple, yet presentable, chocolates in mason jars from Xenobiophilia (the site is in another language so you’ll need to translate) You can easily change these to make them your own. Pinterest has a few options.  I’d probably fill them with foil covered eggs rather than the grass personally. 

Looking for fun crafts to keep the kids entertained during the long 4 day weekend?  These egg carton chicks from Typically Simple and these paper plate bunny ears from The Suburban Mom look like they’d keep the kids busy for a while! If not, you can always print off some Easter colouring pages.

Stuck on ideas for snacks for the weekend? 
How about some adorable Rice Krispie nests or colourful popcorn?

This year we’re going lowkey.  We’re filling up their baskets (which are actually cute plastic pails that they can re-use for other things)  with outdoor toys (skipping ropes, bubbles, chalk) and things like stickers & colouring books in lieu of a bunch of treats. They’re still getting some chocolates, a few foil eggs, a couple of bunnies and a hollow egg, but the focus this year is on spring toys.  We’re having my mother in law over for dinner (roast beef) and keeping things pretty low-key. 

How do you do Easter? Is it a big thing in your house? or do you keep it low key? 

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  1. So the chocolate bunnies in jars got a squeal of “cute!” from both my girls so I’d say that’s a winner 🙂 Happy Easter! And we just finished our Easter prep today…

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