What’s In A Name?

Recently a birth board sister of mine wrote a blog entry about naming her son Jayne. It was picked up by Today’s Parent and has made it’s way to TV shows like “The Social“.   Some of the comments have been supportive, but of course some have been less than great and it got me thinking about how we name our children. 

Like most parents we put a lot of thought into all our kids names.  For us it was important they weren’t too common, but also weren’t too unique (unlike my brother and sister-in-law who adore unique names & spellings). We like strong names with meanings that speak to us. All of our children have names that are either deeply rooted in our own histories (for instance, Lady Girl is named after her two great grandmothers plus she is the 6th generation to carry on one of the names)  and some are names that have meanings that we thought would suit our children well (Like Little Miss, her name means “father’s joy” and she was literally born into her father’s hands), others (like my boys) were given names that held meaning and fit the initials of important people in our lives.

While I was pregnant we opted to keep our kids names secret from social media and even friends and family (except for really close friends/family) because everyone seems to think they have a right to give you their opinion on what you name your child, and it’s annoying.  Here’s the deal, unless they ask people don’t care about your opinion on what they are going to name their child, so don’t give it.  We don’t care about your second cousin’s aunt’s neighbour who had a kid named (name) who was a little brat, we don’t care if you think the name is too “girly” for a boy or too “masculine” for a girl. Parents care that the name is something that speaks to them.  We need to step back and stop acting like our opinion on their baby name matters. Let people name their own kid, yes even if they name their kid Apple, Blue or name their son Jayne, without judgement or guilt. If you want to name someone have your own child, or get a pet.

What kind of names do you like? Do you go with more old fashioned/ traditional names? Top 100?  or do you like unique baby names? 

2 comments on “What’s In A Name?

  1. I am so happy you wrote a this Vanessa. Its something Fred and I, both been dealing with throughout our whole pregnancy. Everyone feels as if they have some right in a name we choose for our child. Its sadden me because I am slowly thinking we might even beginning to be convinced by the decision but I truly don’t want to regret naming my son something my boyfriend and I are both happy with.

    Jayne is the cutest name other and people should keep their opinions to themselves about it.


    1. Your baby’s name should mean something to you and your husband, not anyone else. Name him what YOU feel fits. Maybe just don’t tell people until he’s born, that way they can’t persuade you (we did this with ours) <3

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