Pancake Day

It’s pancake day! 

Pancake day is one of my fave days. Breakfast for dinner? Yes please! Let’s face it, pancake dinners are quick and easy, which are two of my favourite things!

I can’t find just one recipe to share for today’s Tasty Tuesday, so instead I’ve complied a list full of delicious sounding pancake recipes

 The Healthy Maven says these Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Pancakes are the fluffiest, but these Nutella Stuffed Pancakes from Recipe Tin Eats sounds delicious too.
Like fruit? You’ll have a hard time deciding between these Banana Pancakes  from Bake . Eat . Repeat & these Apple Pie ones from Simply Stacie.
In a rush? That’s okay, Smart School House has these simple pancake bites that are perfect for the morning rush (or even for a school snack!) 

We’ll probably end up with plain pancakes and fruit topping (strawberries more than likely) tomorrow, but I’m definitely going to try one (or all, probably all) of these soon! 

What’s your favourite pancake recipe?
Do you like to try new things or stick to more traditional ones? 



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