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Reviving this from the archives because it’s important! 
(Original post dated Jan 27th 2016)

Today is Bell’s “Bell Let’s Talk” day. The day where Bell donates 5⊄ for every tweet with the hashtag #BellLetsTalk, for every view their official fb video gets (right here)  and for every text and call sent from a Bell mobile phone, or long distance call from a landline. They do this every year, and honestly it’s one of my favourite days.
Sure, it’s slactivism, but you know what happens on BellLetsTalk day?
People start to talk. They talk about mental health on twitter, on fb, on their blogs. They talk about their mental health &  how mental illness has affected them.

Did you know 20 % of Canadians experience mental illness in their lifetime?

I’m one of them.

I have bipolar and anxiety. I also had PPD after giving birth to baby #2.
The stigma of having a mental illness is over whelming sometimes. Having a mental illness can often feel lonely, like you have no one to really talk to because they won’t understand, or they’ll judge you. You’re always worried that if people know they will change their opinion of you. That they won’t look at you the same.

Thankfully I found supports.
In the community.
In friends.
In my husband.

I found out that having a mental illness doesn’t have to be lonely.

I still have hard days, some that are even harder than hard days, but those are the days I force myself to reach out further, and when I can’t I have people who reach out to me.

I have a mental illness, my mental illness doesn’t always have me though.

Today is bell let’s talk day, let’s end the stigma. Let’s talk about mental illness.

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  1. Yes! I think events like this help to inform and end the stigma – but take your point on slactivism :). I also appreciate how much the Public Service is now talking about mental health in the workplace – all good things.

    Good luck to you.

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