New month, new year! 


  • Looking Back:  Last month was full of chaos, getting the last bits of things ready for Christmas while also helping my brother and sister in law get moved in and settled in their new place (which is literally right next door, I’m excited!
  • This Month: Our third baby enters the double digits. I’m not sure what we’ll do to celebrate, but he’s requested sundaes. 
  • Watching:  I decided to give the show Ransom a try the other night, the first episode was pretty good. I’ll be watching the series! I’ve been binge watching Glee on Netflix. I never jumped on the bandwagon when it was popular, and now I’m kicking myself for it.
  • ReadingFeast Of Fools (The Morganville Vampires #4)
  • Listening:  I’m still listening to Christmas music, to be honest. 
  • Feeling: like this school break is taking forever. I’m counting down the days to get back to normal. 



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  1. I couldn’t do the Morganville Vampires – I read the first one and gave up. Did it get better?

    And three cheers for “Back to Normal” tomorrow for you!

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