The Perfect Snow Day

My perfect snow day would start with sleeping in.There’d be no hustle to get the kids off to school so the morning could be lazy. 
In fact, let’s be honest, the whole day would be lazy. 

 We’d probably hang around in our PJs watching netflix for the morning, until the kids wanted to go outside and play in the snow (weather permitting).


After a while I’d bring in Little Miss while the others play outside for a while longer. I’ll turn on my deezer and hit flow then head to the kitchen to bake some warm goodies and hot chocolate. for when the kids come in (okay, maybe I’d make them a little for me too)  

If it’s too cold for outside fun we’ll pull up some fun ideas to help curb their boredom. We could still bake cookies and make hot chocolate though, right? 😉 

 Living where we do we get at least one or two snow days each winter. In reality a snow day means I have 3 schoolaged kids home who are bored out of their mind and don’t want to do anything I suggest. They will want to watch a movie until I put it on then they’ll hate it. In those moments I’m usually counting down the minutes until it’s time for school again.  

The perfect snow day doesn’t exist, but it’s nice to think about sometimes. 

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