Friday Five

Did everyone survive Christmas? 
Ours went well. We have a quiet day at our house, just the seven of us. No rushing, no traveling. It’s calm and we love it. 

I got spoiled this year. Chocolates, bath and body and colouring books galore! I’m in mommy-heaven! So, with that in mind here are my faves this week(ish), fair warning it’s likely going to be a list of stuff I loved from Christmas. 

No, really, I love how we do Christmas in my house. I see other families post about the stress, the crazy hustle and all that and I’m reminded how amazing our quiet family Christmas really is.  We spend the day leisurely opening and playing with gifts then we do our dinner. There’s no rush. We decided years ago that we wouldn’t be the family traveling all over on Christmas and I’m glad we did.

Bath & Body Works.


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I’m addicted to most of the holiday scents, and I was totally spoiled.
Thank the powers that be for coupons and sales.

The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo

Not a Christmas present, but I recently finished this book and it was amazing. It had Amy’s brand of humour mixed with some very raw real life. I laughed. I cried. I barely put it down. 
You definitely want to read this if you’re a Schumer fan. You can get it from


Adult colouring books!

While I did get other colouring books, this one is my favourite by far.


Kinder Perfect.

Ever play cards against humanity
Every wish there was a parent version? 
Your wishes have been granted with the Kinder perfect card game. 
You can get it on I can’t wait to try ours out! 


What were some of your favourite presents this year? 

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