Thankful Week One

November is usually the time the bloggy world talks about all the things they’re thankful for, and while I love the idea I’m not so great on doing it everyday, so I think this year I’ll switch it up and do a weekly thankful. 

November rolled in with some great news. My brother and SIL (plus their kids and my other sister) are moving closer to me. We’re going to be neighbours. Literally. We’ll have a wall between us.  I know some people would be cringing at the idea, but I’m excited. We’re all really close and my SIL is here constantly as it is, to have them close for real will be a great thing for all of us, including the kids. So this week this is my big thing that I’m thankful for (and the fact I get along so well with my Sister in Law that she’s willing to move close to me) It still seems surreal because it all happened so fast, but as of December 1st they’ll officially be my neighbours. Christmas dinner is going to be fun and easy this year 😉 

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