September Currents


It’s already September! How did that happen? On one hand it feels like the summer just started, on the other hand I’m so ready for the littles to go back to school (five more days!) I love having them home, but they need their space (and mama needs hers). Them going back to school means I will get my routine back. I’ll be able to get down to potty training Little Miss (she’s so ready to get started) and getting back to regular schooling routine with C (who is doing online schooling)   September also brings the promise of fall. Colourful leaves, hoodies, bonfires, pumpkin spice everything (yum!) and it’s even closer to Thanksgiving (early October in Canada).

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So, what’s going on this month? 
Let’s get doing a currently post! 

ReadingFallen(Lauren Kate)  – I just started a couple of days ago and so far it’s slow. But I’ve been told it picks up so I’m going to keep on reading. You can get Fallen on or

Planning:  Getting ready for back to school! Planning out lunches, how to tackle homework and C’s online schooling. 

WatchingMy summer TV watching has basically been Zoo, Aquarius and random movies. Recently Hubby & I went to see Suicide Squad of our ‘honey date‘ (a date, without kids, the day after our wedding). We really enjoyed it. I think we may even pre-order it  for when it comes out on bluray. (You can pre-oder it on or right now!
Also I’m excited that season three of The Strain has finally started and later this month starts the fall line up!

PinningAll the school lunch and back to school things! (the links lead to my boards

FeelingI’m still riding on that wedding bliss high. 

Last month
:  August was a pretty busy month. The Hubby & I got legit married. We’ve been common law forever. Engaged just as long, I’m just a huge procrastinator. We finally got around to getting it done. Much of August was spent buying decorations and food for our backyard wedding. 

How’s your September looking? 

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