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I haven’t done a Mama Kat’s writing prompt in a while because 5 kids + summer keeps me really busy (less than a month until they’re back, btw, not that I’m counting)  but today one of her prompts is “If you could have any super mom power, what would it be?”  and I knew I had to jump on it!

I think most mom’s dream of having super powers. Actually, most of us struggle day to day trying to be super mom, super wife, super domestic goddess, etc etc (we really just end up super tired though) there are so many super powers I’d love to have.
Ability to fully function on 2 hours sleep!
Ability to create amazing. healthy foods, that the kids actually eat.
Ability to stop fights with a wiggle of the nose. Ability to pause time, even if it’s only a few moments to collect yourself.

But right now my current needs have nothing to do with those.
If you asked me today, in this moment, what super power I’d want, it would be the ability to clean the house at the snap of a finger. Like Sabrina the Teenage Witch (oh come on, you know you’ve wished it at some point)  Okay, if I’m being honest, I’d love all of her powers. Whipping up a meal, quick outfit change, having my hair and make up on point all with the snap of a finger sounds amazing!  But back to the post, cleaning at the snap of a finger would be my most favourite power ever.  I feel like I clean my living room about a hundred times a day in the summer, not that it ever looks like it. Kids, right?

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What super power would you want?
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