Friday Faves

This week has gone by crazy fast! I can’t believe we’re already on Friday and it’s time for another round up of my favourite things of the week!

  [Build-A Bear]
Little Miss
turned TWO on Sunday (Crazy, right? It doesn’t seem like it’s been two years since we became a family of seven!) and, like many other toddlers, she has recently become a little fangirl of Paw Patrol. When we found out Build-A-Bear had an amazing sale on their animals (two animals for $37 CAD) we decided we’d get her two of the characters (Skye & Chase)  Her little face lit up! It was definitely worth it!IMG_3061

 Pokemon Go is the newest app and has basically taken over the planet overnight. If you don’t know about it you can check out this beginner’s guide. I have been enjoying the came since it’s release in Canada (we had to wait about a
week after the US. It was brutal).  Every night for about an hour C (14) and I go out “hunting’ for pokemon. You read that right. My teen actually wants to spend time with me walking,playing,talking to me, and not just about pokemon. We hit up a park near us that has “stops” that are often ‘lured’.

Of course there are other people doing the same thing so we get a park full of people just hanging out. Enjoying the park, laughing, talking, joking. People of all walks of life. People who probably wouldn’t talk to each other if they weren’t there playing. The vibe is pretty amazing.

[Splash Pads]  It has been insanely hot around here lately. I do have central air, which helps, but the kids can’t stay locked inside all day either. Our local splash pads offer a place to cool down and let the kids run some energy off.  #winning.

[Harley Quinn] I have posted about my love of all things Harley in the past, so when I found out earlier today that there is a Harley Quinn (and female heroes/ villains) movie  in the works I fangirled, a lot.

[The Walking Dead] The official Season 7 trailer video hit me so hard.

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