I Want Adventure In The Great Wide Somewhere

I’ve written before about my love for fairy tales. Last time Mama Kat asked us which Disney Princess we’d want to live the rest of our lives as I picked Jasmine for so many great reasons. Reasons that I’d still want to be her, but for the sake of not being boring I’ll pick a different Princess this time around.

Reasons I’d love to be Belle.

She give zero cares to what people think about her.

She’s adventurous. She knows what she wants, and goes for it.

Her relationship with her dad is adorable.

She has a horse!  Who wouldn’t want a horse?

Her wardrobe is amazing! 

There’s no end of delicious food

And of course I could live the rest of my life completely happy with that library!

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What princess do you think you’d pick? chime in below!

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6 comments on “I Want Adventure In The Great Wide Somewhere

  1. I’d definitely pick Belle too, for the books and her adorable dad. But let’s take out the whole falling in love with the douchebag who kidnaps her and locks in in seclusion for who knows how long until she’s got just enough Stockholm syndrome for it to be safe to let her out..

  2. I always identified with Belle so much growing up. I pretty much always had my nose in a book and seeing a disney princess who loved to read made me the happiest kid in the world.

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