Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s day is coming up fast!!
I’ve been searching pinterest for a while for cute DIY gift ideas (frugal living for the win, right?!) and found these handfuls of easy to DIY gift ideas.

Does he like lottery tickets?
How about a simple Lucky bouquet or cake?


Is he a baseball fan?
He’ll probably love this (just don’t use his favourite ball!)

Via Sunnydayfamily


Help the kids make a “things we learned from dad” scrapbook

Find out how at Thriving Home Blog

If he has a sweet tooth he’ll probably love these!

Get the free printable here

Is he a coffee lover? (Of course he is, right?)

Get him a novelty cup with a funny saying on it. I’d personally make a whole coffee basket filled with his favourite coffee, coffee whitener and a couple of nice cups that he’d love.

What are some of your favourite gifts to give for Father’s Day?

Are you a DIY gift giver or do you prefer to buy something from the store?

Check out MamaKat’s for a list of writing prompts and join in (or just check out her blog because she’s kind of awesome)

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