Friday Five

I feel like I haven’t done a Friday Five in a while, and I’m due for one. So here’s five things I am all about lately!


  1.  Water bottles.   I am not actually a really big water drinker, and I should be. I decided I needed to fix that as part of my plan to get healthier. So I decided to buy a super cute water bottle to keep on my desk etc.  I found this adorable wonder woman bottle at our local walmart for a good price so I figured why not.  That lead to me buying another cute one (because you need more than one, right? One for the desk, and one in the fridge. So I headed to spencers in search of one and ended up with an Ariel one. Now I want to add Harley to my collection. I have no logical reason other than I want it.

  2. Play A Coke.   Have you seen these? They are the new ‘share a coke’  gimmick, like the find your name ones from last year. Each coke has a song playlist that you can listen to on spotify for free when you scan it with your app.

  3.  That 70’s show.  After watching The Ranch on netflix I remembered how much I actually liked the show and since it was also on Netflix I figured I would binge watch. I forgot how much it hurt when Donna & Eric broke up.

  4.  Torrid recently opened up in our city. I was super excited to check it out, and I’ve seriously fallen in love with it. Today I bought a dress. And my first pair of leggings.
  5. Speaking of  leggings. Seriously, these things are amazing.  I’ve been a die-hard jeans girl since as far back as I can remember. Today I entered the dark side… and it’s amazing. Leggings are SO comfortable. Like more so than anyone told me.  I don’t think I’ll be putting my jeans all away just yet, but there are definitely more leggings purchases in my future.

    What are you loving lately?