The Beginning of Everything

I finally finished “The Beginning of Everything”  and my first thought was entirely accurate, it’s slow. Cute for a teenage coming of age, heartbreak, learning about true friends – type of book, but still dull.

The Beginning of Everything introduces us to Ezra. Mister popular, head of the tennis team, dating queen of the popular girls, sits at the head of THE lunch table. Getting ready to receive his grown as Prom King. Until it his life takes a complete turn after he finds his girlfriend with another boy at a party. He gets into a dreadful accident that puts his sports life in jeopardy and alters his path. Ezra reconnects with his childhood friend, who has had his own life tragedy, and finds out just who his friends are. Along the way he joins the debate team and meets Cassidy who is different from any other girl he’s ever met.

The Beginning of Everything is a feel good coming of age story, without the traditional happily ever after.

largepurplestarlargepurplestarTwo stars is being nice. Unfortunately.

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