Thankful Day 6

I have a slight obsession to cloth diapers, and specifically to gorgeous prints. I started with the bigger names like Bum genius and Glowbugs, but then I went on a mission to find a very specific diaper. I wanted a diaper that had the quote “and thought she be but little, she is fierce” because from the moment she was born it has been the quote that sticks out for Little Miss. My quest took me to the world of custom made, wahm diapers, and to EllaBellaBum diapers. Though they had some very gorgeous diapers, they didn’t have what I was looking for. Part of me wondered if my search was futile. I did manage to get some beautiful custom made diapers, but I was still sad. Then I discovered another WAHM who did customs and was willing to work with me to find the perfect diaper.

It arrived today, and it’s even more gorgeous than I could have imagined!


Today, I am thankful for fast mail service and a wahm who was willing to make this possible.

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