Dear Internet: About Perez Hilton.

Earlier this week the internet went crazy over Perez Hilton posting a picture of him and his 2 year old son in the shower on Instagram. You couldn’t see anything “private”, it was just a sweet picture of a dad parenting. Instead of seeing a pretty awesome moment of a dad just being a dad and having fun the internet screamed child abuse.   Moms post pictures of themselves bathing with their littles all the time, and no one bats an eye. Why is this father under so much fire? Actually, we all know the answer to that, right?  CaptureAnd there it is. The internet is afraid that somehow showering with his dad was going to make him gay (because we all know that being gay is something others “make” you do, it has nothing to do with who you are or anything. PS that was said in sarcasm font, which the internet has yet to make yet. Why is that?)  Even if showering with his father COULD make him gay (I’m still laughing, by the way) is that really terrible? Thankfully, just as I started to give up hope on humanity, there were people jumping in to the comments to support him.

These pictures tell a story to me, not a story of abuse, just a story of a dad who loves his kids. One who has happy kids and who is trying to do the best he can.  Can we just stop being jerks about it simply because he happens to also be a gay father?

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