Vampires Day 7 : The Originals

As a pairing to yesterday, I thought I’d follow up with the Originals next.

The Originals stemmed from The Vampire Diaries. When they first came on scene they were the biggest, baddest baddies in the history of ever. We hated them. Then we realized we really didn’t. As their time on TVD came to an end the writers recognized the potential they had for their own show! And they gave it to us.

The originals is geared more towards adults than TVD started out to be. The story centrers around the Mikaelson family, mainly Elijah, Rebecca & Niklaus (Klaus). The Mikaelson’s are the original vampires, created through a spell cast by their mother, Esther, to prevent their deaths. When Klaus transformed he also happened to trigger his werewolf gene, something he didn’t know he had (because Mama Mikaelson had an affair and ended up pregnant)  and he became a Hybrid. He spent centuries feeling like an outcast and went out to try to create other Hybrids. Tyler Lockwood was his first successful hybrid. After a one night stand with another wolf, Hayley, Klaus leaves mystic falls and heads to his old stomping grounds. New Orleans, a place where he was essentially king has changed. Marcel, who Klaus sired, is now in charge of things.He controls the witches, the werewolves, and the vampires in the city. He has become king. Of course that doesn’t sit well with Klaus at all.  While trying to take his city back Klaus learns that Hayley is pregnant with his child – something unheard of.

Klaus, is the often misunderstood brother. He puts his family first and is fiercely protective of them. He just happens to protect them in a way that seems the most selfish. He’s a tormented creature, that doesn’t seem to fit in with vampires or werewolves so he strives to create his own family. He can be impulsive and ruled by emotion,and he’s often feared because he’s known for his torturous ways. He loves deeply though, and is really just a boy seeking the approval of his family when you dig away at the hard exterior.

Elijah is the suave brother. The honourable one. He longs to keep his family together, but struggles with Klaus’ behaviour. Elijah is known as the noble one, the brother who will keep to his word. He is always fixing Klaus’ problems.

Rebecca is the young sister. She longs to have a normal life, one free of Klaus’ overbearing protection. She longs for a human life, where she can fall in love, and have a family. Something that was ripped from her when she was a young girl. Rebecca can be wicked, but she’s also just a girl looking for someone to truly love her.

The other vampires on the show are pretty awesome too, and there are other Original vampires who no longer are around, Kol being one that we also love to hate (he’s a lot like Klaus in that aspect, but with even more impulse)