Vampires Day 5: Alice Cullen

When Tiwlight became popular and everyone was fighting over Team Edward or Team Jacob I was fangirling over Alice.

Alice is a sweet vampire, who loves the simple things in life. She loves deeply and protects those she loves with everything she has. She’s a precognitive vampire, which basically means she can see into the future, but the catch is that future changes depending on the decisions the person makes. One change of mind and the future can change. Because of this gift she is highly wanted by the oldest, strongest and meanest Vampire coven (the Volturi) who will stop at nothing to claim her as theirs.

Her pre-vampire life Alice was sent to an insane asylum after her father claimed her mad because of her visions. In the asylum she is turned into a vampire by one who happened to work there so that she could try to escape from the tracker vampire (James)  She was later led to the love of her life, Jasper Hale (another of my favourite vampires from Twilight), and they found the Cullen’s together and joined their family. Alice took on the Cullen name, while Jasper kept his own last name.

When Bella Swan meets Edward, Alice is the first to welcome her with open arms as part of the family, while the others were apprehensive about it. Alice played a big role in defeating the Volturi when they came to hunt the Cullens. She showed them what the future may hold should they continue down this road, fighting the Cullens and their allies.
Part of me wishes that Twilight would branch off to give us the back stories of the other Cullens, especially of Alice & Jasper, because there are some amazing stories to be told for sure!