Vampires Day 4: Mavis!

I’m a big Disney fan, so of course I’m going to include my favourite Disney Vampire in my collection this year!

Meet Mavis, the daughter of Dracula.

She’s feisty, she’s fierce, and, at 1800, she knows exactly what she wants. To explore life outside of the Hotel that her father created.

.Dracula is a loving father, trying to protect his little girl from the monsters who killed her mother and drove them out of town. Dracula made a hotel where all monsters could come, and be free of the human kind who hunted them.

On day, shortly before Mavis’ birthday, a teenage human boy wandered into the Hotel. Mavis and him get to know each other and they zing!

I absolutely adore this movie. It’s a great way to teach kids that differences don’t matter, and to not judge others on the actions of different people.

Mavis is one super cute vampire too.  Our family can’t wait to see Hotel Transylvania 2..

Pinning Tuesday, Halloween!

I haven’t done a pinning Tuesday post in a few weeks.
If you’re new around here, usually on Tuesday I showcase some favourites of the week from Pinterest.  You can always click on the picture to take you to the PIN so you can pin it yourself (or follow the pin to the original site)

This week I’m all about Halloween!! 
Let’s do this! 

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