Vampires, Day 2 : Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I know, Buffy isn’t technically a vampire, but the show was one of my first intros into vampires. For those that don’t know, Buffy was a typical teenage girl who discovered her destiny was to rid the world of evils. She has a great group of kickass friends, and falls in love along the way. Unfortunately she falls in love with a vampire. Opps. Talk about conflict of interest. Thankfully the vampire she falls in love with is one of the good guys, the vampire angel has a soul (at least, now he does)  In fact he’s has so much soul he goes on to open his own business to kick demon butt in the spin off (appropriately called “Angel) of course there are some actual bad guys in the show, one that was particularly bad was Spike, who buffy also falls in love with. Heck, most of us did. I was #TeamSpike from the first moment he was introduced. Spike was, hands down, my favourite vampire character on the show (sorry Angel – you’re a close second, if hat helps).