This Week

I’ve been sick this week, so my blog has been on the back burner. I always feel badly for this, but what can you do, right? Well, you come back and keep blogging, I guess 🙂

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to celebrate Halloween because it’s one of my absolute favourite holidays (Christmas being my first love, sorry guys)  – I mean, dressing up, fantasy, autumn, treats? How can you not love this holiday?  I planned to do the 13 days of Halloween, but apparently the world thought I should be sick for a week instead. One of my favourite blogs to stalk... er… follow is BabyGatesDown (hey there Louise!)  Last year she did this amazing Vampire A-Z this time of year, and I was excited to see her doing it again this year! I thought I would join in, but I also have zero confidence that I could do the full A-Z and keep it all together (maybe next year?)  I do love me some vampires though, so I’m going to do an entry a day on my fave vamp-y things (shows, books, characters, whatever) starting tomorrow! (Saturday) and going through until Halloween!

Other than being sick this week has been great. I went and voted on Tuesday, like many other Canadians (in fact, this election the voters turn out was the highest since 1997!)  I spent the night watching as the result poured in, first out east, with our east coast lighting up red. It was exciting.  I have to say I am extremely happy with the country’s choice in PM. He seems genuine, of course only time will tell, but I feel good about it (plus, have you all seen his hair? – Canadian humour, no time to explain)  I fangirl hard, so I’m sure I’ll post more about him.

I got some much needed time away from kids with my SIL on Tuesday. Of course that just means we went out shopping FOR the kids lol but I also got myself a sweater and a book and lunch out. So, calling it a win 🙂

Lady girl took a dive off our bed into the baby’s dresser on Wednesday. She sported a pretty great shiner the rest of the week, but she’s doing ok. She’s tough.

This morning Blue woke up not feeling well. I think he’s catching whatever it is I have. Hopefully it doesn’t last long. He seemed better this afternoon. Here’s hoping.