What I’m Reading Wednesday


It’s WEDNESDAY! My day to blog about books.
Last week I was reading “Grey”, but my littles seem to have put my book somewhere, so I’ve put it on pause.
I picked up the book “Awakening” by Kelly Armstrong. I picked this book up at the GoodWill one day. I hadn’t realized it was a part 2, so now I’m searching for the first one. The second one started out pretty great though, and I don’t feel like missing the first book has left me lost (like some other books would) I’m getting to know the characters pretty well, and there are references to the previous book, but they’re explained well. So far I am really liking it.

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Music Monday: Ke$ha

This past week there have been some posts going around about Ke$ha. I won’t pretend to know a ton about it, but I’ve read enough to know that there’s some bad things going on.
You can check out some of it on the “Freedom For Kesha”  hashtag on twitter & facebook you will get a whole bunch of info. The story is that Kesha sued her producer/manager, claiming he sexually assaulted her. He counter sued Kesha claiming she was trying to extort him. Now basically Kesha can’t make any new music because she’s stuck in a contract with a person who has (allegedly) sexually assaulted her.

Can we talk about that for a minute?  Like seriously, can we all acknowledge that is the most messed up situation on the face of the planet. Not only was she (allegedly) victimized by a person in power, but now that same person is making it so she cannot do her job. He has literally stolen her voice.

This article touches on all the reasons this is wrong, in case you need them.

This week I was going to use a different song for my Music Monday, but I thought I’d play a Kesha song  to bring this into the light more.

Besides, I kind of love Ke$ha.

Smile Cookies

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for Mama Kat’s Writer’s WorkshopMama's Losin' It

Writing Prompts For 09.24

  1. Write a blog post in exactly 8 lines.
  2. Share a day in your life represented only in pictures and the time the pictures were taken.
    3. Talk about something your child learned this week.
    4. Find a tweet you shared last week and elaborate.
  3. Write a blog post inspired by the word: wait
  4. 10 things you would do if you didn’t have to work.

This week I’m going with #4

Read it here

So first of all, smile cookies are the yummiest cookies on the face of the earth. If you don’t live near a Tim Horton’s I am sorry that you’re missing out!They only go on sale for one week out of the year, and all the proceeds go to local children’s charities. Let’s be real, I’d buy them regardless.

What are they, exactly?  Well, to be honest, they’re just  big chocolate chip cookies with a smile made out of icing.
Why don’t I just make chocolate chip cookies and add a smile with icing at home you ask? Oh. That seems simple, except it’s not the same. Why? I have no idea. I think that the people at Timmy’s obviously use magical unicorn and fairy dust when they make the cookies or something, because they taste like magic and cannot be reproduced.

Since it’s been so long since I’ve done a writer’s workshop, I figured I could add in something extra.
“What My Kid Learned This week”

Every year kids across Canada participate in the “Terry Fox Run” to support cancer research and remember a remarkable Canadian Hero.  If you want to know more about Terry Fox, you can read more about him here.  Anyways, our school is having their Terry Fox run today which means they’ve been talking about him all week.
Last night Mister (who is almost 11) says “Mom, did you know that Terry Fox died?!” all serious. I said of course I did, he died the year I was born, he looked a bit confused and said “What? They only just announced it at school today”  as if the school was only just getting around to it this year (he died in ’81) So I guess this year my kid learned that Terry Fox not only died, but he died a long time ago and that his school is not really slow to tell them things.


What I’m Reading Wednesday

So I thought I’d throw out a new weekly thingie (is there a word for them? No? Thingie it is then!)
While I love to read, I don’t have it in me to strictly have a “book blog”. It’s just not me (but kudos to those who can. I love you. Truly!)  Though, I figured I could dedicate on day a week to book blogging, right?

So, I give you “What I’m Reading Wed“, a moment to talk about the book(s) I am currently reading.

Right now I’m part way through reading “Grey”

I know, I know. But hear me out. It’s not terrible. I’m a sucker for perspective books and a chance to get the other side of the same story (hello Walking Disaster) I read the whole Fifty Shades series (don’t judge me, I’ve also read some real amazing books, I promise!) so I felt the need to read the other half of it. So far it seems almost better than the FSOG series. At least the writing style has gotten better. To see the softer side of Grey is nice.

Read more about “Grey” here  & feel free to follow me on goodreads.