Review “Momma Don’t You Worry”

A while ago I was contacted by Louie Lawent, an author of a children’s picture book. He wanted to know if I would review his story. Of course I said yes so he sent me a PDF of his ebook for review.

I peeked at it and my first thought was that it was cute. I read it and really liked the story, and the moral behind it. Finally I was able to read it to my own 6 year old, and we both enjoyed it.

The story is about a soon to be 6 year old little boy who thinks he is big enough to let go of his Momma’s hand. As a mom of a just turned six year old the story hit home because I realize that the days before my own six year old wants to let go of my hand are coming to an end soon enough, and I’m not ready. The story follows the little boy and his mother to the mall, where he gets lost. This part of the story opened up a conversation between my daughter & I about what to do if we get lost and was a great learning moment.

The story was adorable and well written. It caught my 6 year old’s attention and mine. It wasn’t so long it dragged on, but wasn’t so short that it was missing something. Most importantly the story opened the doors to a moment of learning, which is always great.

The only real downside of the book was that, while it did rhyme, it did lose it’s rhythm throughout the book. However it was still easy for a young reader to follow, which is definitely still a plus. This story will be one we read again, I’m sure.

Thank you Louie for allowing me the opportunity to review this book!

My Rating: 4/5 stars

You can find the story “Momma Don’t You Worry” On Amazon for a great deal!
Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Blogger’s note: I was not paid to give a review, I was given a copy of the story to review

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