Royal Parents

This morning a link crossed my facebook home page, the caption read
“Will Kate Middleton breastfeed the Royal Baby” with this link

Now, I’m all for breastfeeding. I breastfed all four of my kids. I am an advocate for breastfeeding and of nursing in public, but I think this is really ridiculous. Here’s this new mother who has already had the world watching her every move during pregnancy,trying to do whatever is best for her and her family. New mothers have enough pressure, including the Duchess, why add to that pressure by making her feel she ‘has’ to breastfeed, and a certain way because people look up to her.

I don’t know where people get off thinking that they can decide what the Duchess should or shouldn’t do, how she will or won’t raise this child, and her actions will affect other new mothers.
Whether the Duchess, the princess before her or the Queen  choose to breastfeed or not (or publicly or not) didn’t influence my choice at all. In fact I don’t think most new mothers are going to think “gee, the Duchess of Cambridge breastfed, I better get on that” If a new mother wants to breastfeed, she’s going to, if she doesn’t want to, she’s not going to. Leave this new mother alone and let her make the choices that are right for her & her family, like every other new mother.

[Bloggy prompt] I had the strangest dream…

I’ve decided to occasionally do a writing prompt from “the Blog dare”
These won’t be daily for me, but will be as the mood strikes. Sometimes I get in a writing slump, and these are nice prompts. 
he strangest dream I ever had was when I was pregnant with Mister. I had a dream that I was in labour, which wouldn’t be strange itself, but when the delivery finally happened my baby turned out to be a balloon, and it popped. I cried while the nurses laughed. It was by far the strangest dream ever.
To this day, almost 9 years later, I can’t think of any dream that was even close to that strange. Pregnancy dreams are weird.
I often wonder if I had that dream because we didn’t know whether he was a girl or a boy at the time. The unknown and all that, or if I was nervous something would happen (which, looking back, it very nearly did. He was born with his cord around his neck, in an unplanned homebirth.)
The other weird dream I had when I was pregnant with him was a glimpse into a future. I was at a train station, saying goodbye to a boy (young adult) in an army-type uniform. I saw him from the back after he hugged me and said goodbye. He had lightish brown (almost dirty blonde) hair, and I called out to him by the name we had chosen for our baby should it have been a boy (which he turned out to be), the boy turned around and stared at me with blue-green eyes.
At the time we had one son, who was dark haired/brown eyed. Hubby & I both have dark hair/hazel green eyes, so us having a light haired/blue-green eyed child was an odd thought.
…. Mister is fair. He has light brown hair and blue-green eyes….  and (of course) was born a boy…
Thinking back to that dream often sends chills down me because of how much the boy-man in my dream favours Mister now.

Like I said, dreams are odd.