15 (possibly) interesting facts about me

Today’s challenge asks for 15 interesting facts about me.
I don’t know that I have many ‘interesting’ facts, but I’ll give it a try.

  1. I’m tall. Like awkwardly so. Barefoot I stand almost 6 ft 2.
  2. I have bi-polar. No, I’m not crazy. Ok, a little, but not because of the bi-polar.
  3. I am the eldest child of 7, the youngest of four and the only child. Confused yet?
    -My mom had 7, my grandparents had 3 but they raised me alone from the time their youngest moved out.
  4. I was raised by my grandparents, and most of the time my grandfather was the one home with me while my grandmother worked.
  5. I love researching. I used to do projects for fun.
  6. I also did book reports for fun.
  7. In grade five my teacher sat me near the class bookshelf, within a month she had to move me and let my grandparents know that I was often too busy reading to pay attention.
  8. I have lost the ability to speak french fluently, but I can still understand and translate if I’m given time and am around french speakers often enough. So maybe ‘lost’ isn’t the word, perhaps my ability to speak the language is just dormant since I don’t get an opportunity to speak french often.
  9. Ottis wasn’t my ‘type’ at all when I met him.
  10. I lived in the same house from the time I was 6 until I was 22.
  11. I am totally addicted to PS3.
  12. I am also addicted to paintshop and graphics.
  13. I lived in the city but grew up country.
  14. I love a wide variety of music. My itunes list contains so many random genres it’s not funny.
  15. I am afraid of snakes, and the dark. I love spiders, toads and even pet rats.


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