peaceful parenting: I Will Carry You

I Will Carry You
I love that I can kiss your head
Just inches away from my lips
Our hearts beat together as I carry you
Perched up high you see my world
Then turn your head in and sleep
Resting on me you are safe
Your body next to mine you are secure
We are in tune in this external womb
In my arms you will be
Until you are ready to venture out
But until then, I promise,
I will carry you.
~ Michelle Abernathy


Now that Lady Girl’s almost two and a whopping 27 lbs (as of a month ago) our baby wearing days are getting few & far between. She’s an on-the-go toddler who has three older brothers to chase after and doesn’t seem as interested as the wrap as her newborn baby self did, but there are still moments. The other day when i was doing the dishes and she was being extra clingy, we put the wrap on and she got her snuggles while “helping”me with the dishes. It was sort of bittersweet. As if she was saying “hey mom, i know i’m growing up fast, but sometimes i still need this”

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