Welcome Blue!

“He’s coming”
Time seemed to stop.
The midwife was on one side of me, the nurse on the other.


We went in Thursday, Jan 25th to get the gel, hoping it would work like I had with my previous two labours.
We got the gel at about 8:30 pm. I was about 2 cms dilated at that point.
Since I had to lay there for the next two hrs, they offered us a small tv and dvd player to watch,and they had a list of movies.
We watched “peacekeepers” for the next two hrs,while the monitors were picking up any tightenings I was getting and the baby’s
hear rate. Every time Hubby talked, or came back from having a smoke the baby’s heart would go up to 140/150, he was usually sitting at 120/130.. so I thought that was pretty neat.
At the end of the movie they sent me home and told me they’d be calling me to break my waters when the birthcenter wasn’t too busy.
That could be the next day,or up until 10 days after my due date (which was Saturday) so I went home, got on msn and left rish a msg, then updated lj and tried to get some sleep.
We decided to sleep in the living room,on the futon,just in case.
At 6:35 Friday morning we got a call.I answered and it was the birthing center asking if I wanted to come in for my induction.
I was thinking “not really” but I said “I guess” and she told me to have a shower and some breakfast and come in within the next hr and a half… so we got ready.
We got to the hospital at about 8:30 am,and took out the gel.
They called my midwife to come in and break my waters. She checked me and said I was about 2-3 cms.
She broke my water at about 9:55 am and told me to walk..and walk… and walk.
Basically, she wanted me to come back every 30 mins so she could check baby’s hear rate and then go back out and walk as much as possible. For those of you in London that have visited the children’s hospital, you know there are not many places to walk in that hospital, so you can imagine how much fun that was.If I wasn’t in active labour by about 2 hrs after my water was broken, then hospital protocol was to start the pitocin.So we walked,and tried to get the labour going.
At 12:30 she told me that we’d have to start the pitocin (oxytocin whatever)
When she left the room I started to tear up. Hubby was telling me it’s ok, and I was telling him that no-it wasn’t- my body wasn’t working like it’s supposed to. Bless him, he tried to make me feel better about it, but I was just not a happy girl at that point.
The midwife transferred my care to the obgyn and then came to talk to me.
She told me to page her, or have her paged when I was in active labour or if I needed support, and that she’d be at the office (5 mins from the hospital) doing paperwork if I needed her.
Then she left, and the nurse came in and gave me the iv.
At about 1:30 they started the pitocin.
They were “uping” the does 2 pts every 30 mins,so that labour would hopefully not come on too fast.
The nurse sat and monitored me the whole time.
I started to get some more intense contractions, but I was waiting for the big intense ones like I had with Mister, so when she asked me if they were “intense’ I said “well not really”
I was counting through them so I wasn’t really focusing.
Yes, counting…every time I got a contraction I counted it until it was over.I don’t know why, except it made it so I wasn’t focusing on any pain. at first I’d get to about 40 and then it would stop.
At about 3:30 ish I got as far as 50,and the nurse decided to check me.
She told me I was 6 cm dilated at that point. This is when labour “technically” started,since they count your labour as your “active” labour which starts at about 5 cms.
She said she was going to go tell my midwife, and I was like “well I don’t feel like I need her just yet” but she said just to be on the safe side.. so ok, off she went.I started to tear up,and I still don’t know why.
I wasn’t crying in pain or anything, just tearing up. Probably all the hormones running through me,or maybe I was just happy that I was finally making progress, I don’t know.
My midwife showed up at 4 ish.
I would alternate between getting hot then cold & shaky.
The midwife took the blanket off me when I was hot and then put it back on when I was cold.
At about 4:15 I counted a contraction that lasted until 63. I even tried to sit up with it because it was a little more intense then the others, I couldn’t sit up right though.The nurse put me on my side and checked me.
I was 8 cms at that point.
The nurse said she was going to page the obgyn -since I was technically his responsibility at that point, he was supposed to be in the room. The midwife said that usually the dr and her would have a talk and see if she would be “allowed” to make the “catch” when baby arrived. Most obgyns don’t mind, but they have to ask because legally the obgyn is responsible for you once you’re transferred into their care.
Hubby said he was going to go have his “last smoke” figuring I had about 20 mins to get to 10 cms.
The midwife sort of looked at me and said “that may not be such a good idea Hubby” and then I held his hand and said “you’re staying right here” he didn’t argue.
Another contraction hit, and then I knew it was time.
“He’s coming”
Time seemed to stop.
The midwife was on one side of me, the nurse on the other.
No one seemed to move. I said “no,seriously, someone better get down there”
Then I noticed the midwife had on her gloves and stuff, I guess that’s what she had been doing when I was saying he was coming.
They turned me back on my back and the midwife gently said “ok Vanessa, when it’s time to push follow my voice”
It was nothing like with Big C where I had all the people talking to me at once, it was more like with Mister where it was just her calmly getting my attention.
The nurse turned the drip off.
The baby’s head came down and moved back,then came back again.
Then suddenly he started coming right out.
I looked up, my legs all spread open, my privates all exposed with a baby’s head coming out and in walked the obgyn.
I just said “hey dr mike” because really at that point, what else could you do?
The midwife and him had an unspoken conversation,and he basically nodded at her to say she could deliver the baby.
The contractions had stopped,so I had nothing to push him with.
His head came out so fast that he hadn’t had time to stretch me.
It hurt. I screamed (the first/only time I did that the whole labour!)
The midwife was trying to help stretch me so that he could come out, and telling me to breathe and try to push.
They gave me a mask (oxygen) because the baby’s heart rate went down a bit & they wanted to make sure he was getting the air he needed.
The midwife told me to take a bit of a break,and try again.
Then out came the shoulders, and then the rest of him.
The midwife said considering I didn’t really have any contractions to push him out, I did really well.
He came out in 3 or 4 “good” pushes, which is not bad.
The cord was lightly draped around his neck,(she told me after) but she just flipped it off,so it wasn’t tight or anything.
They put him right on me, though I had on a gown so he didn’t get to crawl and nurse like Mister did.
They waited for the cord to stop pulsing, then had Hubby cut the cord. 🙂 He hadn’t got to do that with either of the other boys, so that made him happy.
The baby cried. I smiled and said “welcome sweetie, it’s about time you showed up here”
Blue was born at 4:30 pm on Jan 26th.
My active labour was technically about an hr.
The dr congratulated us,and left.
Then the nurse took the baby while I was delivering the placenta,with the midwife and a resident.
It took about 7 mins from the birth.
They didn’t give me the shot to make it come out, they let me try to push it out myself.
While they were doing Blue’ apgar tests the midwife asked if I wanted to see the placenta. She knows it freaks me out, but thought she’d ask anyway.
I said since it was probably my last, maybe I should see what it’s all about.
Once she explained & showed me it,it really isn’t that freaky- nasty looking, but not so freaky.
Then I got Blue back and suddenly it seemed like it was only Hubby, Blue, them midwife and me in the room.
I have no clue where everyone else went.
The midwife went to call her “2nd” (usually there are two midwives at the birth, but since this one happened so fast, she came after)
and she showed up a few mins later.
They cleaned up and did the paper work etc.
We called my mom, and then called Hubby’ grandmother.
Hubby went to my mom’s to get the car seat,because it would be too late to take the boys home by the time they let me leave the hospital,so my mom said she’d just bring them home the next day.
After he left,I tried to get Blue to nurse while it was nice and quiet.
I felt like a newbie mommy.
He was having a hard time latching, and I wasn’t used to a newborn nursing any more, so it was a little frustrating.
He kept squirming his head around on me, and it think the midwife could see me getting a little upset,more at myself then anything- I mean, come on, I’d been nursing for three of the last 5 years, I think I would know what I’m doing.
My midwife was calmly telling me it’s ok, and to remember I haven’t nursed a newborn in a long time.
The other midwife was commenting on how could the nipple placement was, basically telling me the positives of what I was doing.
Finally I got him latched.
Since there were a few clots after I had the baby, she wanted to make sure that the bleeding was fine with just the saline.
She had to push down on my stomach and uterus to make sure these clots would come out.
It hurt. I instinctively tried to move her hand away and she said she understood, but she had to.
Hubby came back from my mom’s at about 6:30.
My midwife was with me in the birthing room until 7:30, then I got transferred to the maternity ward.
She wheeled me up, and then hugged me before leaving.
She told me how well I had coped with everything.
The nurses came to check on me and brought me some milk and a sandwich.
Hubby went to the family room to watch wrestling.. lol.. he had said all along (to the baby) “you’re going to be here so daddy can watch wrestling tonight” and it looked like he listened
I asked the nurse if I could go to the family room,and she told me I should “rest”
I was thinking “hell, I’ve been laying in a bed since 1:30, wtf?” but just sort of said ok.
She came back a few mins later and said “oh you’re leaving tonight?” I was like ‘that’s the plan…”
Then she said I could go to the family room.
I guess she figured that since I was leaving there was no need to keep me laying down..or whatever.
I updated LJ and got a drink.
Then around 10 ish I went back to the room.
They took off the iv and we got ready to go.
We got home at 11 pm.
It was nice to be home 🙂
People still think I’m crazy for coming home “only” six hours after delivery,but I really don’t feel like it was a bad idea.
Hubby is totally helpful,so I’m getting rest,which is what I’d be doing in the hospital anyway.

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